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Piper wants another beating!

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posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 07:07 PM

Michael Collins Piper
wants another beating!

1 September 2006

When will this fight end?

Michael Piper picked himself up and tried again to defend himself on his radio shows from 28 through 31 August 2006. The show on the 31st was one of the best. The audio files are here:

This fight could go on forever! Call a referee!

On Piper's radio show for August 31, he talks about "The Hufschmid Conundrum".

The only point he made that is worth explaining is that my half-sister is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons. So I will explain it in this document.

His other arguments are amazingly stupid. Let me start with his stupid arguments.

Penn and Teller gave me publicity?

Piper says that Penn and Teller gave me and my book international publicity, and he implies that this is because of my connection with Rupert Murdoch:

On August 31 he went further and said the publicity was worth millions of dollars. Even the written description of Piper's radio show for 31 August 2006 mentions this issue, as if it is important:

Hufschmid literally received millions of dollars in free publicity regarding his (Hufschmid's) book on the "Penn and Teller" broadcast which is a product of the Zionist-controlled "Showtime" network.

You can watch the Penn and Teller show here:

Does the Murdoch family have influence over Penn and Teller? If so, Piper just provided information that I did not know. If not, Piper is just making up insinuations in a desperate attempt to make me look bad.

Piper complained (or boasted?) that Penn and Teller doesn't give his books any publicity, and he implies that it is because Penn and Teller only promotes Zionist agents.

Well, it is also possible that Penn and Teller's intention is to make people look bad, and they have no desire to make Piper look bad because Piper works with the Zionists, not me!

I don't think Penn and Teller's intention was to give me or my book international publicity. Rather, I think they were trying to make me and Jimmy Walter look like fools.

Their camera crew interviewed me for about an hour and a half, and they did the same with Jimmy Walter. The video editors at Penn and Teller reduced it down to just a few minutes. I think they took the few minutes that they thought made us look the worst.

While some people were convinced by Penn and Teller that I was a crazy conspiracy nut (my teenage nephew made a snide remark about how Penn and Teller put me in my place), the more intelligent people came to the conclusion that Penn and Teller are working with the criminal network:

Christopher Bollyn looked into the Penn and Teller show, and found the name "David Wolper". I summarized some of what we found here:

Therefore, not only did their plan to discredit me fail, but their plan backfired so badly that they exposed themselves as criminals, and they identified Wolper as a suspect in the Apollo moon landing hoax. Thanks, you idiots at Penn and Teller! And do it to me again!

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:00 PM
Just why does he need a beating exactly?

And who is this guy anyway?

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