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Russia plans for manned moon mission in 2011!

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posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 12:46 AM
Russia announced that their planning to launch a manned moon mission in 2011-12.
This is far quicker then any other countries moon missions.
The US is shooting for 2018-20.
And China is shooting for 2017.
India is also eyeing the moon...but likely not before 2020.

Russia is planning to use a modernized version of the Soyuz manned spacecraft, the workforce of the Russian space fleet, for the flights to the Moon, Sevastyanov said, adding that the first spacecraft would be ready in 2010.

Sevastyanov also said the first flight to Mars would be conducted after 2025. The expedition will use the Russian-made Clipper shuttle with a four-man crew and will last two-and-a-half years, he said.

I'm surprised that there pushing to get there so quick, granted there using the same rocket and capsule (but with modifications) as they have been using for a past 40 years.
I think they will use the new Cliper spacecraft for the moon, as well as Mars.

I will be impressed if they can stick to that dead line..and actually build the kliper.

Russia Plans To Launch First Flight To The Moon In 2011-2012

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 01:00 AM
Wow thats an awesome find Murc!

Damn I would love to see a manned mission 2011 by the Russians, that would be sweet indeed. Talk about a shot in the arm for space exploration - no NASA sucking up money for little return for a 2020 USA mission - good old Russian get up and go for a 2011 mission. AWEsome indeed.

Cheers for the picture as well, that is so cool (Looks a bit like the early version of the x-33 or some of the very early lifting body!)

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 01:04 AM
Wow, this is thrilling. I also have to say the Russian designers are much better, that shuttle looks fabulous.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 02:32 AM
While it will be interesting to see how this turns out. I really dont think they have the resources to do such an ambitous mission.

The Russians have the best shot IMO of reaching the moon, but I think they are exagerating a bit on a mission to Mars so soon.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 02:38 AM
I'm not sure they are exagerating about the mission to Mars, didn't they have plans decades ago to go to mars? something i believe was only stopped by a lack of cash rather than technology problems?

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 06:35 AM
Well, it looks also like the Hermes space shuttle

But I guess this is because the laws of aerodymanics

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 09:01 AM
Its good news but I doubt they can do it so soon.

I hope and wish this goes perfectly fine. so my advice will be to take time and through testing before take off.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 10:55 AM
This got me interested and I read a few sources in Russian. As I expected, there is more hype than substance.

The "Clipper" project is really in embrionic state (they have a mockup but the design is quote preliminary). I don't believe that system of such complexity can be test-flown in 6 years from now. So that's hype #1.

Hype #2: flight to the Moon. Granted, using the Soyuz and Progress vehicles (plus a purpose-built booster) one can create a system capable of reaching the lunar orbit. Landing on the Moon is of course out of question. Assuming there is money (a big if) it's doable, however why bother? Apart from publicity stunt, there is no value in this project.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by Aelita
Apart from publicity stunt, there is no value in this project.

Just a time, actually read the article.

He said the main goals of the lunar exploration would be to conduct astrophysical research from its surface, to transfer environmentally unfriendly industries from the Earth to the Moon, and to extract raw materials, including helium-3, to meet increasing energy demand on the Earth.

I think there plan is ambitious...and I think thats what they were shooting for...something that would "wow" the people in Russia, in help to get a bigger budget so they could actually pull it off.

My own personal opinoin is it wont happen, and the Kliper spacecraft...which has been on the russian brawing boards for many years.....will stay there.

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