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Ground Penetrating Radar Finds Hidden Cities!

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 07:05 AM
It's fun trying to seperate fact from fiction, isn't it?

There is valid reason for people to halfway believe this.

1. Discovery/Nova/Nat'l. Geog. of these did a story on how many of the hills in South America are probably temples, but that we're not likely to find out how many because of funding and hostile countries, etc. I remember watching that one some 10 years ago. The hills they pointed out were very symmetrical, as if the temples were close to the surface.

2. What's the point in digging if it ain't undergound?

3. There are many excavations around the world where the buildings are like caves, to diffrent degrees:
Irish Underground temple looks like crop circles
Unsure whether this is a building with stlactites or a cave: buddah
Wall of temple in Honduras: completely underground Usure whether the whole stucture but this tunnel is above ground or no.
That's a tree on top of it From China.
another one

Fly from Axum to Lalibela. Eight hundred years ago King Lalibela created a marvelous gift to the world. Often called the Eighth Wonder of the World, Lalibela contains towering churches that were carved from the soft, volcanic tuff in which they stand. Some lie almost completely hidden in deep trenches, and others stand in open quarried caves. A complex and bewildering labyrinth of tunnels and narrow passageways with crypts, grottoes, and galleries connects them all.

From the same.

Still undergound

Got tired of looking once I hit the 15th page of Google.

4. But some things can fool you:
Cinema 4dUser Underground pyramid
Look at some of the companion pics...they are gorgeous.

5. South America has not only the ancient Myan temples, but on the same trip that you go to look at some of those temples, you go to ancient, giant undergound caves....are they conected? Doubtful, but let those speculate that will

6. Some temples were deliberately built underground:
Emerged about the same time as Christianity

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:20 PM
Great post jlc!

It is possible that these temples and other over ground structures could be entrances to these underground ‘cities’. Only time will tell.

The original article purported to be written by Dr Hurtak was actually penned by one Paul White, which could be a work of fiction. So it comes about that what was mentioned in that article was intended for sensationalism.

But that in no way denigrates the very idea of the existence of underground cities. It’s possible that some of it is true and the author wanted to write the article using a known name for more credibility.

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 02:23 AM
there may be confusion to what GPR is

there is GPR developed by Stanford research Institute ( SRI ) Years back to help the DEA find drug labs in central america. It was not true ground penetrating, as it would only see thu jungle foilage.
As the DEA went on their merry hunting, they began to discover temples and achelological sites not visible to the eye otherwise.

Then there is real ground penetrating radar, which can see several meters into the ground. This is primarily used for pipe locating, sewer lines, electical conduits, industrial applications.

Maybe some got carried away with these two types of GPR, and confused them

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