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Withdrawing from Iraq

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 04:59 PM
From the start we have been lied to about coalition troops withdrawing
from Iraq.

This has been disinformation. It has been said since
the war started that Coalition forces would 'withdraw' from iraq,
western governments and leaders explained how the war would be quick,
and that "democracy' would be given to the iraq people and our troops
would leave in a blaze of glory afer setting the Iraqi's free.

"If you want an image of what America's long-term plans for Iraq look
like, it's right here at Balad. Tucked away in a rural no man's
land 43 miles north of Baghdad, this 15-square-mile mini-city of
thousands of trailers and vehicle depots is one of four "superbases"
where the Pentagon plans to consolidate U.S. forces,"
Withdrawing from Iraq

Wouldn't this suggest that from the start the plan really was
to secure , perhaps the first of many, US military strongholds
in the middle east......where the oil is duh!

So when you here news reports that claim of long/short term plans of
'withdrawing' , know that its abosute crap.

Terror attacks perpetrated by English and US forces in Iraq are well
documented, for example when two SAS members attacked Iraqi police
dressed as muslims.

Civil war was always expected, and as has been documented, encouraged.
Divide and conquer.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 12:28 AM
Cant call it a civil war the terrorist are coming from syria although some are from in country and just angry i dont see why we are just trying to build there schools and hospital free to them and they just blow them up i dont think we will be leaving until around 2010 oil thing makes me angry you make it seem like the troops are fighting for the oil and not the goverment.

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