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WTC + 911 days = Madrid. Madrid + 911 days?

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 10:09 AM
There was approx. 911 days between WTC attacks & Madrid bombings.
Do you guys think its a coincidence or some kind of message?
If you had up 911 days to 11/03/2004, you have sept 9th 2006.
I saw some vids lately predicting the start of a nuclear war sept 12th 2006.
I think nothing will happen but I tought it might be interesting to calculate it and share it with you.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 10:17 AM
This site predicted innacurate prophecies 8 times:
This is the site from the thread about august 22 2006.
Well, nothing happened that day anyway,but
I just went there and I realise that now the date is september 9th 2006.
I am just curious... but I will not be surprised if something happen before the U.S elections...
You can also read the main page, interesting read:

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posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 08:30 PM
911+911=1822 days
9/11/2001 till 9/7/2006 = 1822 days

Maybe, looking at the 9/11 signature everywhere this maybe /the/ date?
And also a connection between Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn.

Pim Fortuyn was a Dutch Politician about to 'conquer' our political system in the
Netherlands, he had a vast majority of people voting for him and his party would
certainly have alot of power.
He was assassinated on may 6 during the 2002 Dutch national election campaign.

Theo van Gogh, descendant of the brother of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van
Gogh was assassinated on 2 november in 2004.

There are exactly 911 days between these two murders.

Van Gogh was a member of the Dutch republican society Republikeins
Genootschap which advocates the abolition of the Dutch monarchy, and a friend
and supporter of the controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn who was assassinated
in 2002
. He was also a staunch supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, although he
revised his stance to a more neutral one in 2004.

I dont know about you guys but i start to believe throughout the last couple of
years that there is no such thing as a coincidense lol..

Also, Pim Fortuyn was killed on 6 may at 6:06 pm o.O

Another thing is, 911 days after Foruyn was killed on 2/11 they killed Gogh, in Dutch
date it would be 11/2, 112 is the Dutch national emergency number...

911+911+911=2733 days after 9/11 falls on 6/3/2009 6+3=9 2+9=11 or 9/11
coincidense??? :S

GHW Bush held his New World Order speech on 3/6/1991 (6 march). (Source)
After three times 911 days the date is 6/3/2009 ...
There are 6664 days, or 952 weeks between 6/3/1991 and 3/6/2009
This stuff is really freaking me out lol.

Also a thing on the Dollar position and the future of it.
We all see that the dollar is under tremendous pressure because of the large
deficits and expands of the Bush administration.
The entire world more or less depends on the stability of the dollar, if the dollar
crashes, the world crashes.
Now, the rich people Bush & friends have a lot of money right?
What would be the perfect way to push even more money, power and influence
towards this group of "elites" around the world?
A stock market CRASH worldwide! The dollar will drag down all stockmarkets
over the entire world. The rich people like Bush & friends will have alot of money
anyway so they can buy stocks and stuff for easy money and when the economy
slowly regenerates they will have even more power and influence than they did

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posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 12:58 PM
Bush Sr speech on 3/6/1991
911 days after this speech on 11/11/1993 Microsoft releases Windows 3.11 for Workgroups to manufacturing

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:07 PM

911 days after this speech on 11/11/1993 Microsoft releases Windows 3.11 for Workgroups to manufacturing

not being cheeky, but could you please explain as i dont get it?

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 09:14 AM

Originally posted by zren
Bush Sr speech on 3/6/1991
911 days after this speech on 11/11/1993 Microsoft releases Windows 3.11 for Workgroups to manufacturing


in my research using numbers to predict or show a "higher" connection of major events is unfounded. if there is a clear 911 days between events then i maybe persuaded slightly, but adding multiplying numbers in a date could give you any number

for instance 6/3/2009 you say makes 112,

my calculation (2009/6)*3 = 1004.5

a quick google for 1004.5 came up with these this is a map of Zip code 10045
could this be the loaction of an major event this is interesting

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 09:19 AM
This coincidence was done by terrorists, licking Bin Laden's arse. Nothing more. Placing bombbs in trains is not really a big issue compared to the 911 attacks.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 09:42 AM
9/11/91 speech from Bush Sr. about the New World Order. 9/11/01 planes crashes in New York and they use this to further to NWO. How convenient.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by fmoriss
There was approx. 911 days between WTC attacks & Madrid bombings.

sorry to be picky, but how can you have 'approximately' '911' days? im really bad at maths but even i know you cant have an approximate definite figure which is what you are saying!

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 10:04 AM
apple has a major announcement on september 12th, mabey they're ushering a new world that is interesting with th 911 number coming up so often like that... i wonder if there is a 9.11 second break between the mention of 9/11 in every republican speech.

seriously though, is there anything in the koran that 911 can be referenced with, is this number a religeos number for islam? christians have 40s that show up several times in the bible... moses in wilderness, "noahs ark", christ in wilderness... if the islamic extreamist are attacking us and using this number over again it would be intersting.

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