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What news do you remember?

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 05:50 AM
When you were 9 years old how much of current affairs did you notice? Saw this question on a bbc blog and thought it would be interesting to post here. Basically, look up the year when you were 9 years old on Wikipedia and see what events you actually remember.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 05:55 AM
I was 9 in 1992 and this all I can recall from that year is:

February 7 - The Maastricht treaty is signed, founding the European Union.
I only remember this as we covered it in school.

I don't recall Bill Clinton or John Major taking power.

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 07:44 AM
Gosh i remember quite alot, My dad used to really talk aout world events when i was a kid, I remember him talking to me about most of these,

January 20 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan is sworn in for a second term in office.

February 19 - William Schroeder becomes the first artificial heart patient to leave the hospital.

March 6 - Mike Tyson makes his professional debut in Albany, New York, a match which he wins by a first round knockout.

March 16 - Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut.

May 31 - Forty-one tornadoes hit in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario, leaving 76 dead.

June 14 - TWA Flight 847, carrying 153 passengers on a flight from Athens to Rome, is hijacked by a fringe group of Hezbollah. One passenger, US Navy Petty Officer Robert Stethem, is killed.

July 13 - Live Aid pop concerts in Philadelphia and London raise over £50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia.

September 19 - An 8.1 Richter scale earthquake strikes Mexico City. More than 9,000 people are killed, 30,000 injured, and 95,000 left homeless.

November 13 - The volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupts in Colombia, killing an estimated 23,000 people.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 07:58 AM
I remember the off-shore rig Alexander Kielland capsized and killed 123 people. I remember it all very well, this accident shook up all Norwegians. But, it happened in 1980 and I was eleven at the time, so I guess it doesn't really count here

I was 9 in 1978. What happened in 1978? Hmmm...I'm not cheating by looking any of this up, it's all from memory. It was VM (soccer) and I remember I saw Argentina playing against Holland in the finals
Osvaldo Ardilles and Ricardo Villa were on the Argentinian team (shortly after VM, they started playing for Tottenham). I think the Falklands war made life miserable for those two, playing for a UK FC and all. Argentina won (the finals, not the war)

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 08:13 AM
Great idea for a thread!

Here is what I remembered:

January 6 - Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the right leg by an assailant under orders from figure skating rival Tonya Harding's ex-husband.

January 21 - Lorena Bobbitt is found not guilty by reason of insanity on charges of mutilating her husband John.

February 5 - Byron De La Beckwith is convicted of the 1963 murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. (For anyone interested, Ghosts of Mississippi is the move that was done of this account. Alec Baldin, James Woods & Whoopi Gholdberg star in it. Great movie!)

March 21 - Film director Steven Spielberg's film Schindler's List wins seven Oscars, including Best Picture at the 66th Academy Awards.

April 8 - Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, is found dead in Seattle, Washington.

May 9 - Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa's first Black president.

Who can forget this one:

June 12 - Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are murdered outside her home in Los Angeles, California. O. J. Simpson is later acquitted of the killings, but is held liable in a civil suit.

June 17 - NFL star O.J. Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings flee from police in his white Ford Bronco. The low speed chase, which unfolds live on television, ends up at Simpson's mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, where he then surrendered to police.

August 12 - Woodstock '94 begins. It is the 25 year anniversary of Woodstock in 1969.

August 12 - Major League Baseball players go on strike, canceling the World Series.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 08:50 AM
I really wasn't tuned in that year!
Lol, literally, just realised that my family had no television for most of 1992. I'm sure that has something to do with my lack of memory.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 09:48 AM
This is what I remember when I was 9,

Janurary 11? - Clinton inagurated as President.
Feburary 26 - 1st terroist attack on the Twin Towers.
March 28 - 31 - Then blizzard of '93 that blanketed the East Coast from Georgia to Maine in at least two feet of snow.
April 1 - 1992 Nascar Winston CUp champion Alan Kulwicki and three others were killed when their plane went down south of Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee.
April 19 - Siege at the Branch Davidians compound end in Waco, Texas.
September 22 - Amtrak's worst train wreck involving the Sunset Limited occured while crossing the Big Bayou Conot outside of Mobile, Alabama that killed forty - seven passengers. Accident was caused by a barge striking the bridge that the tracks where on. This accident has since became known as the "Big Bayou Conot Disaster."


Yes I do remember May 31, 1985 because we were under Tornado Warnings all day long.

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 09:34 PM
1991... All I remember was watching the Gulf War on television.

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