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Weird Childhood Night Terrors

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posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 02:53 PM
So what are these beings then, are they aliens, or from another dimension or are they spiritual beings serving or opposing some creator god.

Also why are lesser souls or creatures needed when forming a planet, what purpose could they have, also why are these beings interested in doing this.

posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 04:29 PM
It seems to me the Grey alien form is sort of a disposable body angels use to interact with us. They're are normally disembodied spirits like anyone else, so they have trouble appearing before humans or moving objects around. They can't abduct people unless they have a carbon/hydrogen body with which to drag you away. So my best guess is they create these humanoid forms which can shift resonance levels and come in physical and visual contact with humans.

Also why are lesser souls or creatures needed when forming a planet

I don't know for sure, honestly. There's a chance I could be wrong about the 'slavery' statement, but aliens such as those in TinFoilDerby's recollections have a definite slave/master relationship with every other race. Plus the 'tower' in TinFoilDerby's dream featured the dirty people at the bottom, living on what definitely appears to be a new planet. They were turning the pillar and essentially powering it. The meaning of the tower was consistent with what the angels have said about a planet's progress.

My theory is the lesser souls (so-called because of their disobedience to the hierarchy) are used for adaptation experiments on a new planet. When seeding life on a planet, it seems you can't just take a humanoid form from an old planet and place it on a new one. You have to start low. Despite the fact that humanoids have been around since before Earth existed, we still had to evolve from sea creatures to thrive in Earth's environment. The lowest creatures had to come first, living in the most brutal environment and killing to live for millions of years and evolving upward. These creatures need a spirit to power them, and that's where the slave-spirits come in. Once the species have evolved far enough, the 'watchers' of that planet collect specimens of their favored animals, and a mass extinction occurs, allowing a new genetically altered set of species to rise without competition. Eventually, the ideal species spawns and the elite spirits move in to inhabit them.

Just an idea.

posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 05:18 PM

the ideal species spawns and the elite spirits move in to inhabit them

makes this reality seem like a playground for spirits, where do these elite spirits come from , same goes for the low spirits, do they come from the same place as the angels, also say angels wanted high spirits to come to earth, so all those humans are in the way, or have done what is needed, do they kill off the old spirits, or keep them some place for something else.
Is there a god watching all this going on, did the angels make this reality or a creator god, why do they need a new planet, do old ones get overcrowded. Also with all the planets there must be lots of good planets to put life on, why can they not just engineer bodies, why go to all the trouble of natural evolution.
I wonder if they are trying to create bodies for them to inhabit, bodies for angels on top class planets. As myth does tell of angels/gods/supernatural creatures trying to mate with humans.

posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 06:20 AM
Great questions - I hadn't thought of those. We know from doppler analysis that most galaxies are moving away from a single point. There had to be a time when a huge central galaxy spawned outer galaxies such as the Milky Way. A few ancient texts (once again including the Dogons) mention this. Some imply the explosion was intentional, some say it was the result of a war. Since spirit life no-doubt spawned in this central galaxy, it isn't farfetched to think our galaxies are artificial in some way.

If I had to guess why there are high and low spirits; the energy constraints of an outer galaxy could be it. In fact, Earth and Sirius are pretty far from the center of the Milky Way - - it's possible the elite spirits are keeping high-energy zones to themselves, and as spirits multiply, the high spirits might send new ones outward in the galaxy, to places so low in energy we need these expendable planetary bodies to live comfortably. If this is true then, as usual, it comes down to greed and aristocracy.

why go to all the trouble of natural evolution

Planets are confusing places. Just look how vastly each planet in the Solar system differs - they're all completely different environments with different phenomena to live through. A planetary race has to live there for billions of years and can't have a single hitch in its design, so it's easier just to start low than to risk a disaster.

Plus genetic biophysics hasn't been around very long - really, aliens don't know much more about it than we do. Even the humanoid species the aliens have planned for New Earth had to be cloned from humans, and according to abductees, the aliens went through many failed experiments.

The art of seeding a planet is probably new as well - it was never necessary until the spirit population spread so far. The art of creating bipedal land-walking bodies even newer, since we're 80% water and are basically air-breathing fish. Apparently the first known planetary species were aquatic creatures that spawned on their own, then I think spirits learned to hijack their neural systems and control them, later breeding them to our own needs.

As for an omnipotent creator: No creation stories actually say the cosmos were 'created' from nowhere. Even the Hebrew bible said the cosmos were 'formed' from existing matter. There may be a governing overlord of this local group, but the structure of life and the universe wouldn't allow him to exist outside the universe, or exist before it, or create anything out of nowhere. The universe has to uphold certain laws to survive, so those laws can't be broken.

Anyone out there have any input on this? Feels like this is becoming a "Zareste's theories" thread. Heh

posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 10:51 AM
I think everyone is just taking it all in ... at least I am. I'll be back later with more of a digestion of the information.

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