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3D-world is an execute.bat

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posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 07:33 AM
Hi, dear members.

I am here, to talk to you about philosophical matters and etherical issues.

To understand God, is to understand what lies beneath the surface. The subconscious existing realm. This 3D-world is just about happy faces, eating and drinking, and making.. euhm, War.. and love

What is the purpose of our existence??? why are we here, and what are we?

What we are is quite astonishing. Emotional magnetic bodies in an all out survival terrain. Magnetic forces on all layers and frequenies of our being inhabiting the a bigger frequency, the one of planet 'earth', while this emotional/magnetic body together and interacting with others inhabit the grand void, what we call the universe. The all absorbing black hole, the universe. The all vibrating light/frequency. The base for waveforms. Quite an astonishing claim.

I'm still learning as I am writing all these things.

What I meant with the title is, how our magnetic thoughts attract and pushes away, or transforms that which we vibrate on. I mean with that, that when one vibrates on anger, anger and destruction will be attracted to this person, on human level and in this playground, the 3D-world, planet earth here where we are situated. This affecting the earths etherical body, and this affecting other worldish bodies, other planets and it's population of environment.

When one vibrates on anger, others will send bad vibes to that man and circumstances may occure in his near vicinity. Then again it's hard to tell what circumstances. Things through human behavior, like dropping something on the floor as somone getting happy. I think it's hard to tell what all can happen. I'm not too good at explaining this here. Is anyone following?

I mean, everyone is loaded with magnetism high/low frequencies which are good and bad, pos and neg. constructive and destructive which can only be transformed. Don't care about what waves you carry, you're full of it and can't to anything about it, but to transform them or carry them further.

anyone any intake allready? I'll move on further, let's take a break.

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 07:58 AM
As I've experienced, much of us have lost their will to try, to fullfill the purpose of their 'being' here. You once were given a life here, to fullfill your duty. So why not doing it. You can slumber around as much as you like, but when day of judgement comes to pass, some may pay the toll.

Who are truly his children, who stands up tall to speak the language. This universial one. Who truly attracts the followers and speaks to them wise, and fullfills their worries.

Who is it that I search for?

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