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Existence is the Eternity

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posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 04:50 PM
Upon taking the Introductory philosophy course at Delta college I found myself questioning the motives of today's teachings. The class was based around statements, premises, fallacy, ergo, therefore, hence, since, as a result of, inferences, deduction, induction etc.

Here are some mathematical inconsistencies that I have derived.

Legend: T=True, F=False, ?=Valid, Invalid=Invalid


1.) T------------T-----------?

2.) T------------F----------Invalid

3.) F------------T-----------?

4.) F------------F------------?

Now here the mind is led to believe that somehow a false premises and a true conclusion = validity. Of course two things that ARE false ARE truly false, but why practice such a technique of recognizing truth within fallacy? Fallacy CAN be corrected, but one can never find truth within it, because it is NOT truth. When something is false, it is false. It is okay to use tautologies, they are accurate. This is utter silliness. Here is what it is saying mathematically, we must assert that we already know the conclusion (let's state that the TRUE conclusion is 2. The TRUE presmises will be represented within the problem as 1+1[so that the true conclusion of 2 can be reached through the true premises], the conclusion will be represented in the equality, False will be represented as Zero) in order to accurately show this in mathematic terminological variables. 1.) 2=1+1=2 YES, VALID... 2.)0=1+1=0 INVALID(because 1+1 is a true premises and it is obviously not equal to 0, a false conclusion, and 2 is the true conclusion)... 3.)2=0+0=2... WHY CONSIDERED VALID? Do you see the way my mind works? Truth only. 4.)0=0+0=0 VALID?! Yes, it is truly false! Throw it out! I can't deal with these philosophies, they spurt ignorance. ... no matter if we are talking "philosophically" or not. Yes, it is truly false, but I ask you, can it be falsely true? It should be thrown out. I can't learn by these philosophies, they spurt unawareness. Even if one was to state that number 4 is 0=0+0=0... "it's true!", Zero is nothing... and nothing does not exist in the first place. Truth is not found in nothing.

It felt as if I was attending politics 101. How can we do a good job at proving something to be true that isn't by setting up this sentence structure and making it perceivably true?!

I've tried to convey to philosophers that the philosophy of philosophy is in finding truth and never in winning. Yet today it seems to have steered itself toward the latter. Trying to prove something that is false to be true is not philosophy... it's politics, and look where politics have gotten us. Ready for the World to end? World War 3? Nuclear Terror attacks? All we have to do is change... accept truth... be the truth... become the truth... we are the truth... we are the lies... we are what this world is. And so the battle of good and evil rages behind the scenes... let us join together.

Mods can you please delete the post that resembles this one. I re-posted with a pinch of elucidation.

Man's flaw resides in false concepts. 0 is a false concept. Good for numerical math on paper... but when it comes to existence... it is impossible.

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posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 10:28 PM
Must I continue to cry as I watch the world crumble and the answers for what we are and for what God is... are all around us yet continue to be denied. Please become human... I'm begging the World... spread this message and attatch no name to it, it is for human beings from a human being.. from the infinite God. Everything else is false.

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 01:01 AM

Originally posted by dgoodpasture
Wake up Earth.

Okay! We're awake. What now?

I suggest you take a few courses in Sociology and maybe drop in over at Social Issues. We'd really like to hear your ideas over there.

If you want some interesting perspectives on eternity, you might find The Urantia Book interesting. I do.

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 03:47 AM
Thnak you, that was really nice, but it was not what I am presenting.

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:54 PM
Reality X Illusion = 0.

Reality + Illusion = Illusional Reality or Reality of Illusion--- And Illusion = 0 = False Reality.

Existence X Infinite = Solid Eternity

Existence divided by current reality = 1/2 existence = illusion = 0 = False

Reality SHOULD = Sepiternal Infinite Existence

The CURRENT Non-Human reality is not connected to REAL/TRUE Human existence.

Infinite minus infinite = infinite X infinite = infinite + infinite = infinite divided by infinite = INFINITE REALITY and INFINITE EXISTENCE = Infinite truth = infinite peace = infinite love = The Infinite Initiator = Connect To It!!!!

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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 12:44 AM
As we make the connection with one another my head is filled with infinite oblivious spirals fused together by hair thin happiness strands numbering in the eternal. It feels wondrous! Weightlessness encompasses my anotomical structure and I fly away in my mind, out of this world and into the true reality. Light winds push me about, drifting with no expectation of a focal point... where I photonwreck is the place I am supposed to be; riding the light. Exploding contraptions of inner beauty, peace, and loveliness spark vibrating white sperm streaks, imposed and glued to my perceptual vision. Limitless possibilities take their positions on stage in the full stride of never ending magnitude. The stars in the sky burst open revealing their mysterious enigmatic secrets. The faces that have hidden within them greet us with joy and medication. The civilization transforms and freedom of the being is put into place! Finally we see what we are! At last it all ends and the "angels of heaven" join us in our rejoicing. Music is played together, languages are learned. Retardations are healed and the planet is cleansed.

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