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Cocoons on Mars??

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posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 06:51 AM
I haven't seen this on ATS till today. Have you?. If so, then this be kindly trashed/locked/closed/deleted/or whatever.

Notice the pic below. It's taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. Can anyone hazard a guess as to what it is? Notice the cocoon like structures. I daresay these look artificial. Can rock formations be so similar? And positioned as slanting cones as can be made out from the shadows?

Courtesy mactonnies

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:10 AM

i bet that those are just some rocks, randomly displayed. nothing related with those pyramids in cydonia


on a serious note, i really fail to understand why people dont get the uniqueness of the cydonia pyramids. when they discovered that the face, wasn't really a face they just stoped looking. i guess that most people will only realize that theres extra-terrestrial life when those ETS invade our Planet. otherwise, they will keep their heads on the sand.

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:19 AM
Hoagland's coming out with some sort of picture at the Joshua Tree event he keeps talking about... he claims it's conclusive proof that a civilization once existed on our moon. All I've heard is that it's a picture of something on the moon and he insists that even the skeptics will agree that it's legit. I'm anxious to find out what he has up his sleave....

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:27 AM
This is a trick of the light, they are not above ground, they are holes in the ground.

If you go to the NASA page where the original can be found, here, you can see in the last photo that what look like objects above ground are really holes, strange holes, but holes.

This is better understood with this photo.

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:31 AM
To be honest i don't know what these are pictures of. interesting find, though. I noticed the link to the websight that the picture is said to be from a forwarded email, but the poster does not say from where it came, aside from the Mars Global Surveyer...

Of course, if they are real, i am sure someone will be able to find a geologist that can explain them away as totally natural in formation....

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:46 AM
Esoteric Teacher

Look at the post above yours, that is the origin of the photo, the photo has the E0300157 ID.

By the look of the photo on the first post this was made using the original IMQ file.

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 11:47 AM
On the original photo they look much more natural. I would say they are.

Although I have seen some pics from mars that can not be just explained away.

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