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Sept 7th Chicago 'evacuation' drill.

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posted on Aug, 28 2006 @ 11:50 PM
So who's gonna try and wager on this one? Will they really try another one? or is it just to keep us scared??

Any Chicago residents on the board with more information than this below?? cheers.!
City officials plan to conduct a voluntary evacuation drill for part of downtown to better prepare for emergencies, Mayor Richard Daley announced Monday.

Daley said the Sept. 7 drill was planned in conjunction with National Preparedness Month, but he released few other details.

An e-mail obtained by The Associated Press addressed to tenants in an affected building indicated the drill involves four properties at the intersection two main downtown thoroughfares — Monroe Street and Wacker Drive — including the building that houses the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Pretty freaky read hey? Just like that nice clear sunny morning on sept 11th 2001........

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