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Boulder DA Will Not Bring Charges Against Karr

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posted on Aug, 28 2006 @ 10:01 PM
This case has got me fascinated. I remembered it at the time, how it didn't add up. And we saw the reports on tv about the dolled-up 6-year-old beauty queen etc. I've decided to do a lot more digging. When you scratch underneath the surface it becomes very clear. And sicker than you can imagine. The poor girl was the victim of a Satanic sexual sacrificial ritual for this date called "The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree", created by Joseph Mengele - the evil Nazi scientist at Auschwitz later covertly brought to the US under Operation Paperclip. Her name "Jonbet" is a (feminised) brotherhood term for the devil, and her parents were in on it all along. Look at John Ramsey's shady past - ties with Lockheed Martin / Illuminati and the kiddieporn industry. The time of the killing - 25 December on the stroke of midnight - she was bred specifically to fulfil this sordid ritual.

Think now.. to how the crime scene was corrupted, police mucking up the investigation, the slowness to go ahead with prosecution, the media repeatedly saying "let's not be so quick to judge the parents". Why? Because if you expose what REALLY happened, the entire fabric of the media through to the economic infrastructure of the United States and developed world will be revealed as rotten to the core. They have no choice but to protect their own interest. It's becoming quite clear Carr is a brainwashed patsy, a low-life who may even had some direct involvement if not in the murder itself, maybe he was the "third voice" they talk about on the 911 call? Here are some interesting websites on this case that I've been looking at:

I'm sure you will agree on this:
1) you aren't going to get any answers from the media
2) the official investigation has been mucked up and doesn't add up, yet the evidence which stands still clearly points to the family - the so-called 'ransom note' was in Patsy's handwriting for example, and the ransom note demanding $118,000 - the exact amount of John Ramsey's bonus that year and also Psalm 118:27b being regarded as the source of the 'note'.

It's time we started applying some independent thought here and come to the realisation that something dreadfully bad is going on here - that extends WAAAAAY beyond the common assumption of "yep a dadddy molesting his little girl and mom is covering up" - it appears that it's much much much more serious than that. When Joseph Mengele (who supposedly fled to Brazil and died in 1979 according to Wikipedia, hmmm) is involved in the web of intrigue you KNOW it has to be bad.

posted on Aug, 28 2006 @ 10:32 PM
Wow. What a surprise. Who could'a seen it coming? I'm shocked. Really, I am.

This guy's a nuttcase. Imagine that?

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:09 AM

posted by RiotComing

(1) It's becoming quite clear Carr is a brainwashed patsy, a low-life who may even had some direct involvement if not in the murder itself, maybe he was the "third voice" they talk about on the 911 call? (2) When Joseph Mengele is involved in the web of intrigue you KNOW it has to be bad. [Edited by Don W]

1) Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald and maybe Sirhan Sirhan were also “brainwashed patsies” and if so, are they connected in some way to John Mark Karr?

2) I was under the impression that Israel verified the corpse in Brazil was that of Dr. Mengele? If in fact it was not, do you think they knew the corpse was not Mengele's but for unstated reasons, they went along, to get along, so to speak?

[edit on 8/29/2006 by donwhite]

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 08:35 AM
Absolutely to both instances. We could make a spirograph and link Ben-Gurion / Begin / MOSSAD to the JFK Assassination, as Kennedy was about to expose the conspiracy and blow all their dirty dealings wide open before the world. Begin was linked to Mickey Cohen (crime syndicate rat-pack guy in Hollywood), Cohen in turn linked to.... JACK RUBY.

Now, let's go to Mengele - he was in Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination. His mind control programs and influence as a Grand Master in his satanic cabal indicates he may well be a pivotal figure, valued to CIA and MOSSAD alike. One thing we have to bear in mind here is we are no longer dealing with nationalities or geographic bounds, this is simply the Global Elite / Illuminati craving geopolitical power any way they can get it. If you look at it as "why would Israel's Mossad provide safe haven for a Nazi butcher", none of this will make sense. You have to instead see this as the military industrial complex protecting their own interests, which includes Begin, includes the CIA, includes Mengele (known in later life as Dr Green or Greenbaum). Only then can you consider the possibility the whole Mengele death thing was phony (though Mengele certainly spent a lot of time living in Brazil and Paraguay). According to Arizona Wilder, Mengele died in the late 1980s. Somewhere within that timeframe, Mengele created a sacrificial ritual from which JonBenet would unfortunately suffer accordingly.

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 09:07 AM
Furthermore, let's float this upon the discussion -
Mengele + MKULTRA = mind-programmed Oswald in JFK assassination
Mengele + MKULTRA = mind-programmed BOTH Carr AND both John and Patsy Ramsey to procreate sacrificial child and follow through to its dreadful conclusion.

Now, the reason I say this is there is evidence Patsy was showing signs of MPD, saying and doing strange contradictory behaviour you can read about in the testimony outlined here. It takes a specific signal to trigger these behaviours and is achieved through traumatising the brain at an early age to isolate and swap out neuron pathways at will.

As a footnote, perhaps Princess Diana's driver was programmed to hit the 13th pillar in that tunnel at high speed to effect yet another high profile ritual killing? This form of mind control would also enable Henri Paul to consume alcohol yet efficiently carry out the task upon entering the Mercedes as the trigger signal is given and the subconscious programming takes over.

[edit on 29-8-2006 by RiotComing]

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 11:57 AM
I could have told you when Karr was arrested that the charges against him would be dropped. There were too many people who accused the parents and would have their professional reputations damaged if Karr did it. This makes the people who handled the OJ case look competent. Karr may have comitted the perfect crime. The DNA test against the father is still "inconclusive" after all of these years and Karr's is eliminated in a few days? With the advances in DNA that have taken place over the last several years "inconclusive" is as good as it gets? Give me a break. There are innocent people in jail all over the US. Not people claiming their innocence but those with inconclusive evidence proving it. They are still in jail because the people who prosecuted them can't afford to admit that they made a mistake and there is no proceedure in the legal system to get the evidence into court. Google the "Innocense Project" if you don't believe me.

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