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More 1984 than 2006?!?!?

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posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 10:00 PM
So for all of us who have read the lovely book 1984, we remember the job of the main character.... He was to go through all of the old press statements and such and edit out anything that did not fit into the "party's" current talking points memo.... well... check this out....

Common Dreams NEW YORK - August 25 - During his August 21 press conference, George W. Bush responded to a question about the Iraq War by saying that "sometimes I'm happy" about the conflict. But many readers and TV viewers never heard the remark, since journalists edited the statement to save Bush any possible embarrassment.
Bush's unedited comment was as follows:

Q: But are you frustrated, sir?

BUSH: Frustrated? Sometimes I'm frustrated. Rarely surprised. Sometimes I'm happy. This is -- but war is not a time of joy. These aren't joyous times. These are challenging times, and they're difficult times, and they're straining the psyche of our country. I understand that.

Viewers of CBS Evening News (8/21/06) saw a carefully edited version of that response—one better suited to presenting Bush as serious and concerned with the effects of the war. Reporter Bill Plante previewed the answer by saying that Bush "conceded that daily reports of death and destruction take a toll, both on the nation and on him." The edited quote that followed:

Frustrated? Sometimes I'm frustrated, rarely surprised. These aren't joyous times. These are challenging times, and they're difficult times. And they're straining the psyche of our country. I understand that.

Sorry for the long quote but I wanted to make sure that for everyone who didn't click on the link they get the context... While this is not the exact same thing as what took part in the book.... it is strikingly similar....

How do you all feel about major News Networks editing out single lines from supposed footage.... Is this right? Am I being abnormally paranoid? Or do you all feel, as I do, that this is just plain wrong. News is not supposed to be "edited" news.... I understand shortening clips and such.... but i really just cannot understand, short of what it looks like, why they would edit out that one line... It really just looks like they were protecting the President from embarrassment instead of reporting on the actual truth....

If you feel like this too... you might check out this vid... Orwell rolls in his Grave This is an amazing video about Corporate controlled media...

As I've asked before... is anyone else disturbed by this??

posted on Aug, 28 2006 @ 10:58 AM
1. Orwell stole 1984 from Zemyatin's We.
2. The news is reported by white eurocentric liberals so don't be surprised when you get news that is biased towards whites, biased toward Europeans, and biased toward the left.

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