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Its time to...........RAP! hehe

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posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 08:33 PM
'ight. Anyone that wants to, type and post QUICK RAP LYRICS of your own! This is fun. No BS, please. This thread is just for fun.

Here is my rap:

Driving through the battlefield in a battle tank

Choppin up my enemies with my 3ft shank

My rhymes are as pure as c#c#i#n#

In a stream of bullets we intiate Russia's reign

This fool has a brain, he better use it

Cuz one shot from me, and he will lose it

Blazin away with Dual Mac-11s

Battlefield on fire with a sky full of Ravens

Shootin the missiles at your convoy

You'll never even know what hit you, boy

They beat up my homie

Retaliation is a must

So now I'm roaming

And when I find those responsible, I'll turn them into dust

Which will float in the gust

And land on some rust

When we go to war

We rock the Earth's crust

Bullets whizzing around endlessly

Soldiers dying helplessly

Tech nine with a rubber grip

Put da red dot on ya and shoot you from the hip

I'm a soldier, don't f* with me.

You can't beat a veteran at his own game

And for those trying to be me

The game is NOT for the lame!

Damn, this lyrics are good, too! I'll have to add ALOTTA words into them and make them into a song.

[edit on 27-8-2006 by Russian soldier]

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