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Big Brother Hiding in British Trash Bins

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 08:59 AM

Originally posted by apc
If they are the property of the homeowner, then this is a breach of privacy.

If they are the property of the city/government, then they have every right to bug them..

Umm, no. A lot of properties around belongs to someone else other than the homeowner or another private person. That doesn't mean that every object that does not legally belong to me can be lawfully bugged. This is nonsense. Example: an agency can plant a sonar into the lampposst next to my driveway. I obviosuly don't own the lamppost. This way they can count exactly how many times I exited and entered the house. By your logic, they can also equip the lamppost with a camera and an audio recorder. Just in case.

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 09:46 AM
Just how many RF tags can the system that is to be installed on the garbage trucks read. can CCTV cameras out side the stores read these tags will the trucks senors be able to read all the RF tags in your trash.

Tesco tests spy chip technology

Tags in packs of razor blades used to track buyers
Alok Jha Science correspondent
Saturday July 19, 2003
The Guardian

The supermarket chain Tesco has admitted testing controversial technology that tracks customers buying certain products through its stores. Anyone picking up Gillette Mach3 razor blades at its Cambridge store will have his or her picture taken.
The Guardian, alerted by Katherine Albrecht, director of US-based Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy and Invasion and Numbering, to the use of the smart electronic tags, has found that tags in the razor blades trigger a CCTV camera when a packet is removed from the shelf. A second camera takes a picture at the checkout and security staff then compare the two images, raising the possibility that they could be used to prevent theft.

RFID Site Security Gaffe Uncovered by Consumer Group
CASPIAN asks, "How can we trust these people with our personal data?"
July 7, 2003
The Auto-ID Center is the organization entrusted with developing a global Internet infrastructure for radio frequency identification (RFID). Their plans are to tag all the objects manufactured on the planet with RFID chips and track them via the Internet.

Privacy advocates are alarmed about the Center's plans because RFID technology could enable businesses to collect an unprecedented amount of information about consumers' possessions and physical movements. They point out that consumers might not even know they're being surveilled since tiny RFID chips can be embedded in plastic, sewn into the seams of garments, or otherwise hidden.

RF Enabled Shelf And Back Room
Confidential - For Auto-ID Center Sponsors Only

Gillette shelf photographs unsuspecting shoppers!
Here's proof that Gillette and the Auto-ID Center are deeply involved in shopper surveillance:

Trashcan Surveillance - Halt! Who Throws There?

You should remember that many of the articles you buy (and sooner or later throw away) are now equipped with passive RFID tags that detail the item's brand name and product name. If it's possible to scan the tag on the trash can with an ID, it's possible to use similar equipment to quickly scan your can (TM to uncover your purchasing habits.

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by Rockpuck

Why do you guys even have trash bins in the first place.. at least where I live you just throw out the bags, garbage dude picks it up and there is no need for a bin... especially if it has eyes and watches you!

It varies from place to place in the UK

I only have bags. My actual rubbish bag is rarely more than a third full - unlike my bags for recycling tins, plastics, paper etc. And ass for my overflowing box of bottles ...... !

I have a compost bin in the garden too.

The real problem with recycling in the UK is that many councils still don't offer a decent kerbside collection service. I'm lucky. But if all councils did, and if folk still didn't bother to recycle, then frankly they'd deserve all the Big Brother surveillence they get!

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 10:34 AM

Originally posted by john_bmth
Whats the big deal? Its a bug in the non-recyclable bin that allows the garbage van to weigh how much non-recyclable waste u have, and charging u accordingly. A good idea if u ask me.

Wjhats the big deal?

Its called invasion of privacy. It has nothing to do with recycling or saving the planet. Im all for recycling. However, for the council to do this, its a money making scam to not only did through trash, invade privacy, but to instill even more control over people.

Yet another example of how ridiculous this is. We are required to wash and "decontaminate the trash", otherwise, its unacceptable.

Washing and cleaning should take place at the recycling plant. When you consider that most of southern England is facing water shortages, and many counties are on hosepipe bans, this really takes the cake. Washing trash that you are going to throw away counteracts any ecological benefits. Firts, you waste water, a dwindling resource, and one that is getting expensive. You also use up extra soap, energy from your gas and electric, to clean it. It not only costs individuals more money (as if council taxes aren't already enough) but also uses up energy, resources, and generates more waste.

Its ridiculous. Especially for plastic, since alot of the plastic supposedly recycled ends up in Chinese landfills anyway.

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