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Katrina Victim: A Followup Interview

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posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 11:17 AM
When I think of the hopelessness, and the fear that gripped everyone that stayed into the aftermath of Katrina, one image always comes to my mind. To me it was the icon of desperation, and all my emotions of that time. It was etched into the minds of so many people across America.

Angela Perkins, the icon of what was the humanitarian crisis that our city became. Dead bodies in the street, people in wheelchairs dead of heat exhaustion, or any other form of suffering. Starving babies, overflowing toilets forcing people to go in the streets that they were forced to remain in, and little hope.

From some massive will of strength she possessed, Angela was able to confront some journalists, start the chant that reverberate through the Convention Center, and show the world what had become of our little blip on the map.

Often I wondered what had happened to Angela. Where did she go? Did peace ever come upon that soul of the woman who screamed for help amongst the frail and suffering? I found the answer to that today, and I was so excited that I thought maybe some happier news should be put out on this forum. The Times-Picayune tracked her down and this is her story. I thought it was an excellent read, though a bit long, and it is so rare to ever read a followup on a story, it seems.

It was the Thursday after Katrina, and Angela Antoinette Perkins was devolving into despair. She had spent two harrowing days at the New Orleans Convention Center by then and it was beginning to feel unbearable.

There was the stench, the boredom, the anxiety, the discomfort and the crushing feeling of helplessness. She had lost her shoes and soiled her pants and cried her eyes out. She had seen dead bodies and vicious beatings. And for four terrifying hours, she had lost track of her grandbaby.

She hasn't forgotten a moment of it.

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posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 05:07 AM

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