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Stargate cancellation

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posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 02:49 PM
Hi all

I couldn't find an existing thread about this, so i thought I would start one.

For those of you who care, and haven't yet heard, the record breaking sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 is being cancelled.
Sci-fi link

Stargate has run for 10 seasons, and has just last week aired it's 200th episode.
Not only does suck, but Sci Fi have also prohibited MGM (the franchise owners) from making any other epiodes for airing on US tv
Sci fi prohibition

So not only do they cancel it mid season, after a huge huge milestone, but no-one else can make this series!!!!!

If, like me, you are a fan of SG1, you will be taking this badly. Not only cos the show is finishing, but also the lack of respect this Science Fiction channel has for true science fiction.
Bye bye firefly, hello ECW wrestling...need I say any more??

The Sci-fi Channel made a decision to cancel it due to low ratings. Even though it is sold to over 20 ther countries, with millions of viewers watching it world wide.
I personally have converted many non-sci-fi fans to it, due to the stories, action, humour. People who would never watch Star Trek watch SG1

So in this thread, I'm going to put a list of info on how to try and save this illutrious series, and to collect ideas on how to try to save it.

1) Sign an online petition

2) Write (not email or fax but whip out some pen and paper) directly to the Sci Fi execs making this decision:

3) Watch the show live - as this impacts on ratings.
Sci-fi fans - who tend to like new fangled technology - apparently tend to record the show (TiVo, DVR etc), rather than watch it live. Please please make an effort to watch it live.

Personally, I have had it with TV execs cancelling great/good/decent sci-fi shows (firefly, Enterprise, sliders, first wave, space above and beyond and many others) with great stories and yet crap like American Idol get full airtime and exposure.

Sci-fi is not just about technology and science - they tend to have morality based stories and ethical messages about what is good and bad in humanity. There are many lessons to be learned from sci-fi.
And more than once certain episodes in SG1 have made think about certain aspects of my life.

We can but try to save this show.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 05:05 PM
To be honest i care, sg1 was just geting its best show ever. I am hurt that it will be gone.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 02:05 AM

Originally posted by psycho matic

3) Watch the show live - as this impacts on ratings.

Why does this matter?

Do the sattelite/cable companies have the technology to know who is watching what at what time?

If the answer is "yes", can you please send me a link to the source of your info on this?

If they do have a way to know who is watching what, why would it matter if you watch it live or tape it or Tivo it or whatever? The signal is still being sent to your receiver before it is sent to your recordable media.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 02:08 AM
The website for the petition does not work.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 09:54 PM
I am utterly shocked that they are cancelling the series! I have bought and continue watching the DVD collection of SG1 to support the great work put into it, but this surely cannot be the end. I hope they find a a way around the issue to spare us the bad news for its continued survival of a long good story.


I have tried to sign the petition but I don't have a Visa or whatever to donate, so can't support them that other way.

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 10:04 PM
It was my understanding that they were going to finish the 10th season, then end it.

Honestly, though it's a pretty good show, there wasn't much more they could do with it. The even brought in the cast of another show tha was cancelled. I'm not sure why that was, but I'm willing to bet it had something to do with fulfilling a contract.

The plus side is that Atlantis is being renewed, and is probably the best way to continue the franchise. Another galaxy, with different enemies and allies. SG-1 has already explored the Milky Way, and solved the mystery of the Ancients.

I say, enjoy the rest of season 10 and move onto Atlantis.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 03:53 AM
about damn time

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 07:12 AM
You wouldn't be saying that if a Goauld mothership was bearing down on Earth. Hey, "what are these aliens weakness"
"I don't know, maybe I should have watched more Stargate SG-1"

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 05:52 AM
Well that is sad news that i had not heard about. It's one of my favorite ongoing running series to watch.. If a miracle does not happen, it will be sorely missed on this end..

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 11:14 PM
This sucks, SG-1 is one of my favorite TV shows, and the first series
I've ever watched every episode of.

There's so much that will be left untold, like what will happen to the
Jaffa and other races now that the Goa'uld are gone, when will the
Stargate program be told about ot the general public.

but Sci Fi have also prohibited MGM (the franchise owners) from making any other epiodes for airing on US tv.

This is what pisses me off the most, I mean why does SciFi get to
do that?

I mean if MGM owns it, than they should have the right to make
more episodes if they want.

I'm seriously considering boycotting the SciFi channel by not watching it,
and not buying any product that profits them.

posted on Nov, 12 2006 @ 08:36 PM
I heard they're going to air the second half of season 10 this coming March. I'll enjoy every second! Hopefully Atlantis will go on, and hopefully the rumor I heard about another spinoff off the Stargate theme is true.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 08:55 PM
i read somewhere that they were cancelling the series after series 10 and although mgm wanted to continue on another channel sci fi took them to court and prevented them so they're planning on making a couple of sg1 movies to wrap things up with the ori and other things

i still think they should make another series or 4

posted on Dec, 5 2006 @ 05:35 PM
As a matter of fact Sci-fi are producing Series 10 in it's entirety, so it won't abrubptly end with no finale, they'll just be slightly less winding down and the mother of all finales. But the fact is it will finish properly (Unlike Joan of Arcadia which stopped production halfway through a season, but not the ubercrap "Enterprise" ending either.)

Also there are talks of 2 more Stargate films/Feature length TV episodes aka TV Films/Miniseries', though nothing is decided yet.

Soon to be released is Stargate: Worlds, the MMPORG, or Mass Multiplayer online....*takes breath* role playing game.


Wikipedia it or something im tired.

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 02:52 AM
Well, they should of ended it in season 7 when they introduced stargate atlantis. I think SG-1 had pretty much reached its end of life by season 7.

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 01:10 AM
Well i really loved this show but to be honest the whole ORI/Ancients thing was a bit out there and way too heavy on the fantasy. SG1 could probably go for 2 more seasons but it would be a decaying sg1 i dont want another sliders incident with sg1

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 03:20 PM
Well I've just finished watching the final episode

Now I'll have to wait for the straight to dvd movies that are planned. I believe the first is scheduled for a fall release. I never thought I would ever wish my summer away.

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 03:54 PM
Wait, I thought the final episode wasn't happening until the end of this season. Doesn't it come back on April 23 for a few final episodes?

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 05:25 PM
I've just watched the last episode of Stargate, I swear someone said the Furlings were going to make a appearance before the end of the series, was looking forward to what they'd be like.

Good episode but not so impressive as a final episode, still I've not heard of the straight to DVD films you mentioned executioner, can't wait for them if they're coming out.

[edit on 14-3-2007 by UK Wizard]

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 05:44 PM
Now hold on just a minute!!

Are they already playing the final episodes in the UK? Am I missing something?

Sci-Fi says they're only up to episode 10 of season 10

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by Rasobasi420
Now hold on just a minute!!

Are they already playing the final episodes in the UK? Am I missing something?

Sci-Fi says they're only up to episode 10 of season 10

It was on yesterday, Sky plays Stargate and Stargate Atlantis over here.

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