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Using mediums to see one's soul.

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posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 11:57 AM
Hi people!

I would like to run this thread on this subject. Imagine you creating a chitchat website, a forum, or juust using a telephone (would be quite expensive phoning). You keep up conversations with people you never ever knew, in written format, and you begin to see the awareness of the other sides invvolved in the conversations. Using a telephone gives clues, like using a proper picture in the avatar, or description in the BIO, or the sig.

Some people are capable, or get used to seeing a person's awareness, therefore finding out interesting stuff about others, whether male/female, age, good/bad, cop/criminal, etc. These are simple infos that can simply add up, especially if they will be well documented. In an ideal case a member cancertain situation it will be very annoying o no longer "hide" using another username or avatar, since his soul is already "mapped", and can be easily spotted.

In a certain situation it becomes very annoying for example if a male at his age of thirties is using a hot teenager girl's beautiful face as an avatar. More so, if this male not a human, not even warm blooded.

Let's state, that this particular "medium" is the ATS forum site itself. What do you folks think of this usage? Is anybody well equipped to be "hidden" from others who can sense awareness?


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