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Iran's President says his country is not a threat to Israel!

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posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by psyopswatcher

Do you have any idea of the natural resources Iran is sitting on?

[quoute]No one should be allowed instruments of destruction. Implements of self-defense is one thing, but when they (Uncle Ronnie's Neokook bunch) decided that mutually assured destruction was a viable means of Peace, they sure'll thought we fell off the turnip wagon.

The reality is that they do exist, And RR's policy worked. We were fortunate he was in office at the time.

don't think the US wants to invade. They want to put a halt to the spread of nukes to Iran. And they will do this. The reactors are deep underground, but it is not necessary to hit the reactors - only the exit points.

ANY bombing is a bombing too many. Get it? ANY at all.

Wow. Deep Thoughts.

I'm talking about cleaning up the messes the US starts (by sending weaponry), and Lebanon's dirty coastline is right there on my mind.

Are you referring to the Lebanon coastline that was illegaly occupied by Hezbollah, which Iran financed and armed?

That you can't understand the rights of the international community isn't my problem. This is about getting power to the people, in more ways than one, I agree. But electrical power is necessary for progress and you know that as well as I do. Or is this about stopping the Iranian people from progress???

If Iran wants nuclear power-generating capacity, all well and good. Let them follow the terms of the NPT. Make them allow inspections. The fact that they refuse inspections (don't make me cite when and where; do your own homework) is enough cause to question their motives.

Insult my patriotism and I'll put you on ignor because your long and boring posts aren't worth the hassle.

Please do. I don't know about your patriotism, but it seems that you favor Iran over the US. Are you Iranian, and I missed that somewhere?

Like someone said earlier, Iran hasn't attacked anyone EVER. A religious people see it as their duty to offer protection to their brothers anywhere. And muslims in particular in other mideastern countries, just as a state department overseas would protect citizens of their nation.

So, if the US were to couch our support of Israel in terms of religion, it would be acceptable and understandable? Sorry, but using fairy tales as a basis for foreign policy is another mark of madness, imo.

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 05:56 PM
Jsobecky, what do you think Shrub's Office of Faith Based Initiatives is about? Charitable giving being coordinated and facilitated by the US govt. Same thing as Hezbollah. Same as your fairy tale spouters in DC.

What about the Minuteman Bridgade on the Mexican borders? Same thing as Hezbollah, party militia protecting their homes and property rights.

They are Palestinian refugee's living in Lebanon who want to go home. Homes they were evicted from, homes that were bulldozed, homes that were stolen from them.

And who supported the theft? The US and the UN. Is that not reason to be suspicious of who they send into Iran? Hell, for their own protection even. Let a shia crazy decide to bring the war home and take out some UN guys (why not, Israel did it in Lebanon with their bombs--permission to continue that battle granted) and full-scale WW3 is upon us. (my personal opinion is that we are/have been in it, only phase controlled by TPTB)

I didn't follow the Aug 22 discussions here, seemed like scare-mongering to me. So I'm not familiar with what went on. But I still haven't heard or read an answer to why the Iranian people cannot decide for themselves what to do about getting power to the people. We know they are mind-controlled by the mullahs, but what does that have to do with a basic need for electricity? You didn't answer me when I asked what about the other 442 nuke plants in the world--such as Armenia's? Any one of those countries too could take that fuel and process it into bombs (although I understand it is a much different process involved to obtain weapons grade uranium). So we have the UN policing each of those countries? And they are all willing participants?

Did Admadinejad refuse to allow UN inspectors to see his plant? Was that the news to be released before the big Aug 22 date of death? Only reason I can think of would be that they are suspected of being CIA spys, like the embassy employees of '79.

Same with election monitoring, eh?

QUESTION [IIP Moderator]: On behalf of Navniit Gandhi, lecturer in Political Science, University of Mumbai, India

Can an absolute objectivity be ensured in the election monitoring process by the external professionals?

ANSWER [Eric Bjornlund]: All election monitoring groups and individual election observers or expert advisors bring their own perspectives and interests to their work in monitoring or advising on elections in other countries. Sometimes, election monitoring organizations and observation missions pursue interests and objectives other than democratization or betray considerable biases, and they often reflect the national interests of sponsoring countries. Moreover, because elections are political processes that always and in all countries fall short of the ideal, assessing the quality of elections is necessarily a somewhat subjective process. But the more professional organizations strive to be as objective as possible and to assess elections honestly and forthrightly.


Do you still think having outside observers is wrong?

No, jsobecky. I'm not Iranian. Just a plain vanilla white girl, baby-boomer, flower child of the 60's where we didn't like the killing then as much as we don't like it now.

So go ahead and kumbaya all you like, it was a pleasant reminder of girll scout camp and an innocence gone by. How about this one: "He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world... in his hands."

We are a world at war, war on terra, war of polical machination in DC with a heavy emphasis on war profiteering. Admadinejad is well aware that his country was declared 'axis of evil.' These people don't forget. And as a engineer trained in logic and thinking, I'm sure realized the implications of interrnational discord. More than our cowpoke Jr. realizes.

Now, have you ever had a NYC taxicab ride? Tipped the doorman at a DC hotel? Grabbed a hotdog from a roach coach on the street? Who do you think makes the wonderful crepes for sale to passersby on the streets of Paris? Sells 'roses' at the corner stopsign for you to take home to your wife? Runs the Motel 8 and shabby t-shirt and jewelry gift shops at the beach with pictures of the yogi behind the counter?

These are the Iranians, and Syrians, and Lebanese, and Jordanians, Paki's and Indians, Asians and mideasterners berobed and turbaned that populate the cities of our world because the world has more to offer them than the Holy Lands where they were born.

And finally, how dare the Shrub use name-calling such as "Islamofascists" as a cry of indignation. How is the American corporacracy any better? That's the double-standard that sticks out like a sore thumb and is hardly the sign of a Compassionate Conservative.

Of course with the spending his does, he's hardly a fiscal conservative either. Got a name for that?

posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:22 PM
You have voted psyopswatcher for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have used all of your votes for this month.

Psyop there was also someone planted within the Iraqi inspection team as well for the UN inspection of Iraq. Remember the leak about the tubes that turned out to be false?


posted on Aug, 29 2006 @ 07:25 PM
We said my friend. I wish we could see both sides of the story. We are all humans, trying to live our lives with our faith and our family. Everything else is epilogue to a story I don't care to read.


posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 09:54 AM
Thanks PieMan
how sweet!

AAC: I can only see being Anti-Iranian as being a miserable excuse to accelerate the problem.

When the Regan era invented MAD, they could have used a little foresight that these problems would eventually occur. Maybe they did? Maybe they intended for nuclear proliferation to be the end of us all?

But if it's good for Israel to be fully stocked with whatever weapons they desire, why not the ones who have those weapons aimed at them? That's what MAD's all about--Deterrance or Destruction? The ole Mexican standoff.

But Ahmadinejad's envoy says no... he even sites peak oil, their "sustainable policy in regional and international circles.":

Asked why Iran wants to produce nuclear energy when it has tremendous supplies of oil and gas, he said that "energy consumption is bound to double over the next 20 years," adding that all countries are moving towards cleaner, more reliable and economical energies (to replace fossil fuels).

"Iran has also limited oil and gas resources which are bound to be depleted. The welfare of the Iranian nation, continued economic growth and increase in population to over the current 70 million people demand that the country diversify its energy sources," adding that "Iran regards nuclear energy as among such resources." Pointing to Iran's investment in wind and solar energies, the envoy said, "Iran also intends to utilize ground heat energy, which Manila possesses its technical technology."

In response to a question on nature of Iran's nuclear program, Kalantari said, "Certain powers intend to damage nuclear characteristics of Iran. Peaceful activities, the IAEA surveillance and Iran's readiness to hold talks are three main characteristic of the country's nuclear activities.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly expressed its readiness to prevent measures adopted by certain powers to use nuclear energy for non-peaceful purposes. This is our sustainable policy in regional and international circles."
He said security of Iran's nuclear equipment was based on up-to-date technology of the world.

"Iran's (Bushehr) power plant is just among tens of nuclear power plants currently under construction in Asia. Sensitivity of certain states to Iran's power plant is politically-motivated," he further stated.


What I see happening is a downward spiral in all things of a human and financial nature. And the 'boogeyman' is War and the Hawks, Profiteers, and idiots that would cheer for them. No denying that war is an economic engine we can't afford anymore--for the sake of mankind.

We need an engine of Peace, sustainable engines of Peaceful Existance.

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 01:22 PM
That much is true. The fundamental problem is the way in which the economy is structured, if you look at Canada and Japan, their economy is designed to flourish in peacetime.. a stark contrast to the US.

[edit on 30/8/06 by SteveR]

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 01:57 AM
I believe, the only logical step for the USA to take... is to allow Iran to continue there activities.

I mean lets be honest.. short of a nuclear explosion.. it isnt going to change anyones lives is it ?

If Iran are hell bent on producing a nuclear weapon/s, and coming good on there threats to israel.. no body will be able to stop them purusing this goal without exterminating the iranian government, country and a good percentage of its people.

But then, you'd have to apply the same to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and manyt other nations.

Why throw rocks at the hornets nest, when you know full well eveantually it will fall out of the tree itself.

Allow Iran access to nuclear energy.
In a world televised event, explain to the iranians and the public, that should anything happen to Israel, that is related to Iran in any way.. the US Will immediately give the green light for extreme military punishment.
Explain that if a nuclear device detonates in Israel, or any other part of the western heirachy in the world.. that a full nuclear response will be justified against iran.. REGARDLESS of wether the weapon was from Iran or not.

This puts the onus on Iran,
If they hit Israel, they wont remove it from the planet.. it'll be damaged but still there, but in response, there country will be anhiliated by us nuclear missles, and it is also up to Iran to ensure now that no Foreign nuclear weapons are detonted in israel, because it would mean there destruction.

The world would now be in a situation where If Iran is truley after peaceful solutions, and peaceful research.. then they will accept the effort to ensure no nuclear device is used on israel.
If it does happen, we will realise the true nature of this regime, and with the forewarning be able to continue with the military line.

Give Iran the chance for peace and prosperity before you label and judge them.
This is the ideal solution in an ideal world.

But humans know full well that in an ideal solution, there always an offchance a man of hitlers stature can come to power by manipulating these 'ideal' solutions.

A diplomatic solution with iran has failed.
Sanctions would only enflame the iranian populace more, and promote more israeli/us hatred. Sanctions are limited being the US has already applied harsh sanctions in the decades prior.
The US has only one option left, and that is to forceibly remove the nuclear ability of Iran. But doing this would be a major leap in the worlds foreign catalog.
Iraq was a given, especially after 911, and especially with there past.
But Iran is a different ball game. If you call on Irans bluff, you'd better be prepared for the consequences.

The world wont sit back while Iran is bombed to the stone age, its people locked up detained tortured murdered and humiliated. The muslim world wont praise allah for peace, they will demand allah for revenge.
Its a stormy, grey over cast day here in Western Australia.

Its exactly how the world will feel tommrow, when it realises iran isnt going to stop research, unless it is forced to.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 05:10 AM

Not a bad notion...If they want the nuclear genie fine, they also deserve the responsibility to go with it. That means the safety of Israel becomes their duty as a guardian of nonproliferation.

It's a good idea...for that recieve a WATS...

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