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I'm the Antichrist but you can call me Jesus

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posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 07:45 PM
So where is my prophet and can you tell me about him?

Where does he live? Virgina?

Anyway many of you been wondering where am I and such so I will tell you. I am not a perfect man as you may know. You can say I ate from the tree and just kept eating lol. Thats a little joke us angels have. Only others will get it sorry.

Ok so you may be like oh man why are you here. Well I am sorry like in a market we need to split away the daft apples ya know. And in truth when I was asked what i want to do I said to god I want to be a witness to end times and I want to be the fella who gets to eat the heads off evil ones.

And in truth I am needed as in a phoenix but its my truth you must watch out for! It is so true it is false. That may seem like a contradiction doesn't it. Well there;s a joke about contradictions we fallen agels have and it is thus "when god asks us if we did something to bad effect we say no you did" hahhaha well ya see we all stem from the giant tree so oh hell (no pun) you will get it in due time.

So next you are wondering when will I appear, well that depends on you. I could live this whole life and die and be back for the next show but I think this time is it. Last couple times I was killed and rightfully so! I mean when you mess with these bad arses with all the secrets I am a real threat. Anyway no time for that me and lilith are gonna have a few rounds of poppy tea.

So until next time all hail nihilism!

Antichrist Out! (hahah thats from Ryan seacrest wait until I get my devil paws on him what a tool)

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 02:41 AM
Wow. Um...

That was/is interesting and vaguely intriguing.

Reminds me of something an angel once said to me:

"You are good people, and if anyone tells you any different, they are a better liar than i am."


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