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Secrets Of Backwards Speech True or False??

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posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 02:32 PM
Children Reversals?

Reverse Speech research has discovered that children speak backwards before they do forwards. From as early as 4 months of age they are pronouncing simple words in reverse and by the time they reach 13-14 months of age, complex sentences are forming in reverse.

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Neil Armstrong Walks on the Moon
Everyone knows Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the moon. But did you know that they say something else when played backwards? Armstrong's words, "That's one small step for man" reverses to say, "Man will space walk." This is a reflection of his logical thoughts at the time. Man will continue to walk into space.

Live Commentary of the JFK Assassination
Listen to a live commentary of President Kennedy's motorcade route in Dallas, Texas, right at the precise point the assassination occurred. A speech reversal occurs here that says, "He's shot bad. Hold it. Try and look up." This would seem to be the commentator's thoughts at the time. Stop everything and look around (for the gunshots?)

Sandra Bernhard
Here is a section from a video made by Madonna called Truth and Dare. In this clip her friend, Sandra Bernhardt is talking about some friends she saw the other night. The reversal gives us more information about what happened that night. It says - They pulled out the grass -

David Oates
This is what David said about Reverse Speech in 1988, four years after he discovered it. The reversal says: Let's look at that (second of gibberish) All I am inside.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Dole resigning from the Senate
This example contains two sound bites from Bob Dole. The first one before the New Hampshire Primaries. The speech reversal declares his intention to be the 1996 Republican Nominee. It says, "Hear the man that you love do it." (and indeed he did become the nominee) The second sound bite is from his declaration that he is resigning from the Senate. The reversal confirms his genuine comments. It says, "It's an honor"

Client Speaks In Reverse to David
This example was taken from a session David conducted with one of his clients as they discussed some of his reversals. The soundtrack is played forwards then backwards at three speeds, then the entire track is played backwards. Note how the reversal appears in the middle of gibberish. The reversal says, "They will serve you with life, David." This is what speech reversals will do - help us with life.

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I did a little experiment myself, i reversed the song im sticking with you, with audacity(freeware) and when i listen carefuly i could hear "you make me smile ohhhh" strange eh


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