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Time Travel: Possible or not?

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posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 01:32 PM
Well, the recent thread about time travel had me thinking on the subject, and I have come up with the conclusion that it is inprobable and maybe even impossible..

Here are my observations....

1. The concept of time involves the past, present, and future.

2. The present is only a moment in time. Think of a line. The present is one dot on the line. Within moments, the present has become the past and "the future has become the present which has then become the past".

3. The theory of future would seem to be influenced by variables in the past. A "Cause and Effect" relationship, if you will.

4. If this theory is correct, it would be impossible for the future to even exist in a sense that we could jump years ahead, because the events that shape the future have not yet happened. You could not go 15 years into the future and see your presently unborn child alive and playing, because in this plane of existence we call the "present", you have not yet had a child. What if a "Cause" steps in 6 years down the road and has the "Effect" that you are not able to have that child? If you were to move into the future, your present self would cease to exist, unless there was a way to stop time, thus causing all types of effects that would reshape not only your personal future, but those who know you as well.

5. Jumping to the past, however might seem more logical, although, still impossible. It is the same effect as the future jump, only in reverse. If you were to go back in time, you would not be able to return to the future without everything being different, because you would have to return at the exact moment you had left. That calculation is one that would not be fun, as again, you would have to stop time itself for nothing to be different. The past would still be moving towards the future, and then you have the numerous paradoxes(is that even a word?) of creating a rift in time such as when your present self (the one that jumped into the past) is re-created by your parents. The only way to prevent that paradox is to prevent your parents from creating you. Logically, if you were never created though, you could have never been alive to travel into the past in the first place.

To me, after getting this enormous headache thinking about all these logisitics, time travel would be impossible due to the ramifications it would have on our existence...If the future is shaped by Cause and Effect, then we could not travel to the future because it isn't pre-determined.....we could not travel to the past because of the changes it would make to our "present" and "future".....If the future IS pre-determined by some known/unknown force (such as a God), then neither the future, present, nor past could be changed anyways...

Therefore, to me, time travel has not, is not, and will not be accomplished...

I am open to the many flaws I am sure can be found in my theory though....So please share, as I haven't done any research or anything...I think if we sit down and discuss this, we might be able to make some headway for the argument for or against Time Travel....


posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 01:44 PM
I myself have thought of a method of traveling back in time and a method of traveling into the future.

Traveling into the future has one major flaw with it in the fact that it can only be a version of what the future may hold and it is also a future without your existance. the way I see traveling into the future is a simple concept but virtualy impossible to achive. Simple take your self out of time. If you were able to remove yourself from time everything else would continue to age you could go to any point in the future however as I mentioned this would only be a version of the future without you in it.

As I said ive no idea how you could remove yourself from time of if the consept is even plausable but if it was that is the only way I could see it hapening.

As for traveling back in time its a lot more plausable as long as we can travel faster the speed of light all you would need to do is travel in a circle however this would also be fake because (if my brain has got this right) all you would actualy be seing is the light of someone not actually them.

Thats my almost impossible backed up with no evidence theory of time travel.

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 02:20 PM
Time travel is possible if all the universe's states have already been created: you can go back in the future, but you wouldn't be able to change the past.

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