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I think its time for America to flex its muscles

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posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 02:01 AM

I think its time for America to flex its muscles

I think our muscles may be a little cramped and sore from the past few years.

posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 02:51 AM

I think its time for America to flex its muscles

How's that for ignorance.

Cutwolf, you are obviously a part of the "United States of Amnesia".

Let me bring you and the rest of the war mongers here up to speed to how the national delusion of our fight for "freedom" and "democracy" actually looks like to the rest of the world.

Armed economic colonialism history of USA. (meaning armed US invasions of sovereign countries for their EXPLOITATION.)

1953 - Guatemala
1955 - Iran
1957 - Lebanon
1958 - Haiti
1959 - Cuba
1961 - Laos
1962 - Thailand
1964 - Vietnam
1966 - Congo
1969 - Dominican Republic
1970 - Indonesia
1972 - Colombia
1974 - Chile
1975 - Angola
1977 - Afghanistan
1978 - Libia
1979 - Nicaragua
1980 - El Salvador
1981 - Lebanon
1982 - Lebanon
1982 - Granada
1984 - Chad
1986 - Bolivia
1987 - Panama
1988 - Iraq
1990 - Somalia
1991 - Yugoslavia
1992 - Macedonia
1994 - Iraq
1995 - Bosnia
1996 - Iraq
1997 - Sudan
1997 - Yugoslavia
1998 - Afghanistan
1999 - Yemen
2000 - Philippines
2001 - Colombia
2002 - Iraq
2003 - Liberia
2004 - Haiti

And still counting

Wow, what friendly, democratic and freedom loving "peaceful" nation we are.

The greatest exporter of war in the ENTIRE WORLD is America.

After WWII EVERY SINGLE American president WAGED WAR, bringing "democracy on the tip of a bayonet."

No wonder that the rest of the world rightfully considers America as a violent, militant war mongering nation.

After the collapse of Soviet Union, a clear image of America as a modern Rome was developed by various think tanks on the White House payroll.

Slave labor, (SLABOR - illegal immigrants), standing armies, and waging of GLOBAL WAR to FORCE geo-political and economic policies.

We are the totalitarian oppressors of the world, all under the hypocrisy of preaching freedom and liberty, and what goes around comes around.

What to debate? Go for it.

posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 03:51 AM

Originally posted by Cutwolf
Capturing bin Laden would be the equivelant of the terrorists assassinating Bush. Sure theres a chain of command, but would definitely be a huge blow.

It would also piss them off more, just it like would piss us off if they assassinated Bush.

And they'd do exactly what we would do in those circumstances.. put the next guy in charge, take the newfound anger and rage, and go at fist first.

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