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Meaning full ranting

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posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 07:40 PM
This might be described as a rant because it doesnty stay to one perticular subject but its all meaningful and well thought out, and im looking for opinions. IM sorry if at times it sounds like preaching or an essay

I am atheist and though i do believe the universe and our being is random and coincidental, which first off is something that may sound rediculous given the incredible world around us but really isnt taht far fecthed. The thought that the universe cannot be random i believe exists for a few reasons. First off we only think the universe is great and guided because its all we know, we dont have anything to compare it too( another universe). Maybe theres an alternate universe taht is much more complicated making ours seem like what it is, random and unguided. And unguided is not that right wword. Because the universe is guided, not by an almighty, allknowing-being but by the laws of nature. The basic premise of this first paragraph being that you cannot judge the randomocity or complexity of our universe without having another universe to comapre it to. And if your willing to say that there are other universes, that are completely different you would be agreeing to the fact our universe is a random event mixed in with otehr universes and that the only reason we think it is special is because it turned out the way it did and because its all we know

That was a long first part and now unto the second part. I would also argue taht mans belief in a supreme being, that created us in his image and gave us all we know and all we feel as well as a purpose in life, is a fact central to mans physce. Being that we are the dominant species on earth and the only one that are true "Thinkers" we have always searched for greater meaning in our lives, the riddle of the universe, a way of explaining all taht was unknown, and the reasons behind all that was. In reality we were searching for Einsteins "Theory of Evrything". A sole way to explain the entire world around us. early mans easiets way of explaining this would be in almighty beings, Gods, who ruled all the earth, brining about rain and fire, night and day, brth and death. These were days long before physics, before science, before things so dear as our own thoughts could be explained.the thoughts live on today giving us a sense of importance and a true meaning to life. It continues to cure our fears of what happpens and gives us a snese of what some would say is false hope during troubled times. Becoming something we might be afraid to give up because it guides us and gives us hope.

I forgot what i was going to say... AH yes. Many accuse atheists of being moraless and lost. But i believe it to be the other way around, in that we have the same morals, we have the same love for life and hate of evil, only we dont need to get them from an almighty being, we get they from what we believe is right, we take responsibility for our succeses as well as our failures.

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