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Andrew Morton's new book about to push Tom Cruise out of the closet

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posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 01:58 PM

Andrew Morton Writing Book About Tom Cruise

It appears that celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, best known for working with Princess Diana to tell her life story, is now writing a book about Tom Cruise. And Cruise's mega-lawyer Bert Fields is not happy about the way Morton is doing his research.

Tom Cruise is livid at biographer Andrew Morton for allegedly hiring a gay porn star to investigate him for a new book. Morton has written about a number of celebrities including David and Victoria Beckham, and even worked with the late Princess Diana on a book about her life. The couch-jumping Scientologist is the subject of Morton's next page-turner. To aid him in the venture the writer is recruiting the services of gay porn star-turned private investigator Paul Baressi.....

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A private investigator who moonlights as a gay porn star?? That's what I'm talking about baby!!! The Church of Scientology is probably in the process of trying to have these guys rubbed out for trying to expose their mealticket. I wouldn't be surprised if bodies start turning up.


posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 05:52 AM
Yep meal ticket protection time1

hehehehehe how long till his spawn carrier has a fatal accident in a car in a tunnel??? yeah tom cruise has had a natural child like i have had natural flight by flapping my arms....

as for that thing they call a baby, well why is it hidden behind dark glass and body guards, and thats just the protection it gets from scientologists.....:shk:

Any how, time to do a south parks on him, and drag him out of the shoe cupboard kicking and yelling.

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