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Is there conspiracy in technological advances?

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posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 11:01 AM
I posted this elsewhere, as was unable to find a thread about technology, scientific conspiracies, or scientists involved in conspiracy other than covering up research on ufo's and alien bodies on this thread so posted it on a sort of ok for the subject forum, then was told by a mod that this is the, here it is:

(And, why isn't there a science/technology conspiracies forum? All other sectors are subject to conspiracy theories, but I've already noticed that when I posted a subject about science conspiracy I got a lot of hater posts following. Anyway, this is NOT a complaint, it is a comment on the mystery. )

Ok, here is the conspiracy:

I think that some form of "thought police" really are listening. To you, and me, simple citizens that we are.

One plausible way is that DSL, for example, could be a two way street, in that it not only ships info into your house, it is perfectly capable of carrying info out as well, ie, what shows you are tuning into, maybe even conversations or even taking pictures is possible.

Yet it seems way too complicated and messy for reason, I mean how would the info from those thousands of homes be processed? Still, we who have worked in the field are well aware that at least some of the technology exists. (And we are slowly becoming aware as a species that all things are within reason given enough information.

Hints and flashes of insight bring about musings and enough of these can show as manifested in the outer world from what was "only" accumulative reasoning within, if we pay close enough attention. (Einstein and Eli Whitney thought up or dreamed their successes before they were proven able to manifest in the outer world.)

And I am totally convinced that advertisers would use everything in their power to know what we are watching and when, and to what advertisements we are responding. I've done many market surveys and am aware of the big bucks paid for a lousy phone list, how much more a list of what people are talking about and what they are doing?

Who better to fill the hunger than the technies that bring about the technology that fills the bill?

I also believe that, if not yet found, discoveries of ways to find out what we are saying to each other, and even what we are thinking are being desparately sought out by the 'they' we all talk about. If not the scientists directly, then 'those' who hire them and pay for the research, and same with the technologists. "They" are watching, listening, studying, researching, and trying to connect but not for good purposes. And 'THEY" are not aliens in the ufo sense! Which makes it even worse, maybe.

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posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 11:23 AM
Most definately.

First and foremost is the most obvious...planned obsolescencs.
The demo at some university (it was posted here at ATS I believe) had some really cool Minority report computer.

You could resize photos with your fingers, etc.
This stuff exist and this is at a basic level (though the average joe doesnt care to research into it, and accepts the timeing of Dell and apples release of products.)

The gui itself is light years ahead of OSX and Vista (if the later ever comes to light...I think there is something going on there to)

Now this is not conspiracy, on to the more unbelievable...yet knowing what we know above, it is quite conceivable the government would have even better technology then that demonstrated by that university.

Then go into ufo technology, and Atlantis, and hey...we probably are a bunch of apes who think we know something. Techonology has been around for centuries and we are a bunch of people who only know what is told to us. Thats why I liken us to a computer, as we only generate information as it comes...we dont just "know". So anyway, yes, there is more to technology then meets the eye.

This whole thing of goverment spying on us through internet...making new laws...forget the laws, they dont need it, and Im sure they were doing it long before we surfed the web.

Does it matter, not really, only if you want to live in fear.

The point in this life on earth is to learn to live life, and let it live.
Not to fight and resist, as this whole duality is what keeps the "crap" that goes on...going on.

When you accept your life (does not mean you cannot make change, a lot of people misunderstand this initially when you say just accept life), things naturally work out.

Well I will end this little speech, as you will either get it or not.

Have fun



posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 11:58 AM

Originally posted by dAlen
Most definately.

First and foremost is the most obvious...planned obsolescencs.
The demo at some university (it was posted here at ATS I believe) had some really cool Minority report computer.

You could resize photos with your fingers, etc.
This stuff exist and this is at a basic level (though the average joe doesnt care to research into it, and accepts the timeing of Dell and apples release of products.)...


You have such good points here, I just had to answer to them: planned obsolescence is an excellent starting place.

You KNOW manufacturers don't use the finest materials which would ensure long lasting machines. Part of that is to keep costs where people will buy their products, of course, but the other part is repeat business. That isn't technically (pun intended) a technology conspiracy, but the techies COULD produce machines that are far better than what we have now, even down to small kitchen equipment.

Of course, research has to be paid for, but there is a conspiracy, mostly silent, anyway, to 1) to keep us buying and 2) buying what is offered so that the manufacturers don't have to go to the expense of upgrading their equipment, until they are ready to bring out something 'new'. As you pointed out, "planned obsolescence" and "accepting (the manufacturers) timing".

There has to be maintained a delicate balance for business reasons solely between what is available to the rest of us and when. I don't think there is an elite group who run this conspiracy but that everyone involved with running businesses is part of it.

Which means it is worldwide, varying little from country to country and always over ridden by the quest for the dollar/yen/peso, what have you.

Yet, is there really a technology conspiracy to prohibit certain items from being developed or released in large numbers?? If so, what would be the motive?

I've recently become bluntly aware that movie stars, for instance, have access to items you and I can only hope to see on the market one day. How this happens is not as important as that it happens. It's not surprising, even though I hadn't really given it any thought prior to the eye opener, and of course, money is the issuance that brings out the goodies.

Items, like skin care and makeup and so on, are not really high ticket items, yet those who have can have it early on. Of course, some will say that is the way the world operates and has and will, but why?

Doesn't it make sense to make your item available to a few MILLION buyers than to let it be 'donated' to a few celebs? Wouldn't that be more in line with money making than the giveaway situation? I'm not speaking of endorsements, that makes sense in line with the money money idea, I'm speaking of sheer giveaways, that will not bring back anything to the giver, except MAYBE a little tax break.

So then, who IS running the show?

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 07:47 AM
the real Conspiracy of Technological advances is: Technologies throughout 2000s are concentrated on Digital Electronics where those with planned obsolescence are Increasingly Widespread and planned obsolescence makes Digital technology more profitable with expense of Short Lifespan of Those technological devices and this makes our Civilization increasingly more vulnerable.

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