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Well... we escaped yet another DoomSDaY...

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 11:30 PM
This sort of tripe brings me to the wondering point... Wondering what, exactly there was to gain from this? (hey, give me a break I AM the "business guy")

Seriously though, I noticed today was the "Primary Vote Day" for the Mid-Terms in much of America, hmmm...

Could they really be getting that transparent and ignorant all at the same time?!

YES... they could.

Could they really be getting that desperate they don't even care that we KNOW they are that transparent and ignorant?!

YES... they could.

Could they be getting so desperate they don't even care we KNOW they are that desperate?!

YES... they could.

We may ask...

Because when you take into account that less than 1% of the population is actually PAYING ATTENTION (via sites like ATS or other venues) what bloody DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!

Sleep well...


posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 12:07 AM
I didn't realize other states were doing primary votes today or the other day. I suppose my state must do that earlier than other states. Of course I don't think the average person even heard anything odd about August 22nd so there wasn't much for them to be afraid of in my opinion. Maybe we should start on a new doomsday prediction for August 25th, just to have another bad day prediction.

I could even start it off. Bush pushes for sanctions, oil prices skyrocket. Iran says they're going to blockade oil in the straits of.... Stocks plummet.

....nah. Let's just have a peaceful day for a change.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 12:17 AM
To which I would reply, "Amen Brother"!

All's well that ends well!

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 02:59 AM

Originally posted by Springer
Seriously though, I noticed today was the "Primary Vote Day" for the Mid-Terms in much of America, hmmm...

Well that perhaps explains why the news was total garbage today, Jon Benet this, Jon Benet that, End of World Today... Pay no attention to your democratic system going down the digital toliet. I watched the news off and on today and I don't even think I saw a single reference to the Mid-term elections. I think that there is a possiblity this whole 8/22 hype was an attack on the credibility of Conspiracy Theorists in general. We are the new enemy of the establishment, and much to their horror we increasingly 'have the conch', and as shows like Mythbusters, Is It Real, and a holy plethora of crap spewing out of the media to generalize, stereotype and demonize Conspiracy Theorists are becomming commonplace. "Conspiracy Theorists Claim This, Conspiracy Theorists Claim That, Joe Schmoe Claims BigFoot Borrows Garlic" and sadly now they have to add to that list "Conspiracy Theorists Claim End Of World was 8/22". We're under attack guys, the powers that be can't shut us up, but they can make us look like tom fools if we let them.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 03:10 AM
Very well said Twitchy.

Good points mention of the election on the news here in Utah either, they were way busy reporting what the possible JonBenet killer ate on the plane.

I come HERE for my news.............................just sayin

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 06:09 AM
No discussion of Doomsday is complete without some reference to the original Domesday or Doomsday Books. This famous work was done in England after William from Normandy conquered Harold, last Anglo-Saxon king of England. Who has not seen the television special on the Battle of Hastings which “changed the world forever” a phrase we are so often subjected to today? We must now add “robust” to our list of favored words, too, as a new word our president just learned and seems to enjoy using, even if a bit awkward in some contexts.

The Great Tapestry seems to portray King Harold being felled by an arrow shot into his eye! Ohh! That smarts, even though almost a millennia distant in time. Somewhere I read there was also religious skullduggery involved in that final battle. (Actually it was not the final battle but William won all that followed. It certainly was Harold's final battle, win or lose.) It seems William had thoughtfully sent 30,000 gold ducats - whatever a ducat was worth - to Pope Alexander II in exchange for which the Pope gave William a papal bull excommunicating anyone who fought again him, William. Did not Bob Dylan immortalize that in his song, “With God on Our Side?” William supposedly used this letter to cause great dissension in Harold’s ranks and the loss of upwards of one-third of his soldiers who feared God more than they feared Harold. “You have to plan ahead to get ahead.”

By 1086, William had quashed all dissent - I hope this is not about to be the same time scenario in Iraq - and he thoughtfully sent out his messengers to do a census of the lands, livestock and incidentally, of the people. The result was a series of books which came to be known as the Domesday Books. We changed the spelling to ‘Doom’ a couple hundred year later. The title, Doomsday, referred to the Christian concept of the final judgment which was commonly referred to as doomsday and which entails the opening of the books out of which humanity will be judged.

After stating the assessment of the manor, the record sets forth the amount of arable land, and the number of plough teams, each reckoned at eight oxen,)available for working it, with the additional number that might be employed; then the river-meadows, woodland, pasture, fisheries, i.e. weirs in the streams, water-mills, saltpans, if by the sea, and other subsidiary sources of revenue; the peasants are enumerated in their several classes; and finally the annual value of the whole, past and present, is roughly estimated . .

In August 2006 the contents of Domesday Books went on-line, with an English translation of the book's Latin. Visitors to the website will now be able to search a place name, see the index entry made for the manor, town, city or village and, for a fee, download the appropriate page. For the whole story, see the following:

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