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Mr. Ease

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 03:17 PM
Herein lies a mystery.
In Numbers 13:16, Moses changed Joshua's Name Oshea which was originally the primative Name Yasha to Yahowshuwa. Why? Because the Sacred Names were considered too Holy for anyone to know except the High Priest. This deceptive practice is still enforced today among the few, if any, who still know the True Names.
Hosea 2:16 In that day, says Yahweh, you will call me Ishi and you won't call me Baali anymore.
“The following is all speculation on my part."
The Name Yasha, is very primative, possibly originating before there was any written language, and the Name spelled Ishi, should be considered phonetically. Also consider the fact that Jews won't write God, they write G-d. They claim the Yod is a "Y", which they also believe to be the simplest form of God's Name. Yet they also say the word god means a pagan statue or idol. What if the Yod was originally a "G"? Could this explain why a well known "Society with Secrets" in the middle east became extremely upset when some of their European and American counterparts replaced the "Yod" in the center of their symbol with the letter "G"? What Aleph-Bet needs a "J" when they have a "G" that can be pronounced softly like in the word genius for example? What would that do to the ancient Hebrew Names Yasha and Ishi ? Is that Ishi aleph silent or part of the preceding word? What if the deception ran so deep that the "letter" dalet was actually a period or dot, a stopping point for sentences in the Torah and it wasn't really all one word? What about their practice of replacing Yah, or possibly Jah, with El? What would that make El Shaddai? What if Ha Shem in Ex. 3.14 could be interpreted as "I'm GeSu's apparition, seer, or spy, JAH" What if God's Real Name were phonetically Jesu? Would that mean Jesu's Christ is Jah and therefore Jah really is Jesu's Christ, the Messiah? If all of this were true and they figured it out after they killed Him, would they try to cover it all up? What if the things they reveiled were consealed to someone by Jesu's Holy Spirit? What if you searched for a persons true name, at less than seven letter skips using the Bible code ELS system, and he was only mentioned in one place in the whole Bible? What if that place is Daniel 12:8-10? What if that person had been obsessed with unveiling the "Pure Language" for years now? If they became so upset about the "Yod" being rendered as a "G", what would they do to him?
See? All I have is questions. No answers.
Stupid ones like, Does X really mark the spot? Isn't X only a ks sound? Who were the Saxons and where did Isaacs-Sons, the "Lost Tribes" go? Who were the Angles? Did most of their progenitors die in a big flood? Were the Djinn of Ur, Ra's sons? Where did the word generation come from anyway? Would it take a genius to understand all of this? Isn't "Ph" just an "F" or was it a "P"? Who made up all those nursery rhymes that say silly things like fe-fi-fo-fum and e-i, e-i-o? Some Scottish farmer named McDonald? If a person were forthright with old McDonald, would he answer these silly questions or just give him the third degree because he wants to know also? Who gave the Scotts rights to do some of the things they have done? The Danish? Just where did all of those Lost Tribes go? Should a person speak about these things or just spell it out to the world? I guess I'll never know.
But I do pray My-Ishi-Yah comes back soon.
WHO knows WHAT is the Father's Name and WHAT IS the Son's Name.
YESSIR, HE knows. Do you?
So much for Mysteries, you figure them out. It would have to be shown to me by God because I'm just a stupid human, full of questions.

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 09:21 PM
For the record, Saxons have nothing to do with the Hebrews or any midle eastern tribe for that matter. They are a Germanic tribe, far removed from Semetic people, and their name comes from the Saxe, which was a short sword favored by the warriors of that tribe.

Saxons came from What is now Denmark and the Netherlands originally.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:59 PM
Pearls before swine, I would delete the previous post, but it is apparently locked, there's no edit button. Moderator if you are able please delete all of my posts. I should have known better. No one understands. They would have believed my UFO sightings and abductions before believing anything about God.

[edit on 26-9-2006 by adeptuslux]

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by adeptuslux
"....Just where did all of those Lost Tribes go?..."

The 12 Lost Tribes of the Kingdom of Israel includes the 'Northern' 10 Tribes and also includes the 2 'Southern' Tribes. In otherwords, the House of Joseph and House of Judea make up the 12 Lost Tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. The UK Royal Coat of Arms reveals the Unicorn, which represents the 10 Northern Israelite Tribes of Joseph (or lighter skinned Hebrew Semites). On the other side, is shown a Lion, being the 2 Southern Israelite Tribes of Judea (or darker skinned Hebrew Semites).

Please do continue - you are on the right track adeptuslux, for few understand today because the ones who force their agenda upon us do not want the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel to ever discover - the SECRET. That is, that the Brits and other (lighter skinned) have also as much right to "Israel" as any Zionist person today does. But does race lay claim over a land? Just who can now truly own Palestine?

Let me ask you something: What makes the Covenant Sacred today? Is is really about race, or is it something rather to be upheld in the hearts and minds of men?

"Oh ISRAEL we hear you deep within us speaking Trinity!"

God Speed,

[edit on 27-9-2006 by Cinosamitna]

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