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Hello, from a paranormal-magnet

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 03:04 AM

I happened to come across this forum while Googling some things that have happened to me. I was quite surprised to find that other people have had very similar experiences. I could write a lot about what has happened to me, but I'll try to keep it short... I've had spirits around me since the age of 5 or younger, and they weren't always good. My mother has seen them too and had her own experiences; she and some of her side of the family have also had multiple dreams that have come true. We had these spirits in at least two houses that we lived in, but then we moved to Colorado and that began a period of almost 10 years where nothing much happened, so I tried to ignore it and explain it away as just being my childhood imagination.

Then one night some friends wanted to go out to see an abandonned ranch house that was haunted... one guy had been there before and he had some incredible story about an invisible force pinning him against the wall and such, so of course I had my doubts and didn't take him seriously. We went, heard creepy noises, caught a few glimpses of things, and then finally all saw the same thing at the same time... it was a person made out of fog and it was moving silently. We ran back to the cars and left. That sparked my curiousity to check out other haunted things a couple of years later, and we had some crazy experiences, which somewhat led to a life altering experience about a year ago...

I was with this girl, who after getting involed with her, claimed to be occasionally possessed by spirits. She would pass out, sometimes with her heart beating violently and irregularly (so much that I could see it shake her), then "wake up" and be someone else, who was quite often evil and would try to attack me. Sometimes they would speak English, sometimes not (a few times, she wrote in what looks like ancient arabic), and sometimes they would even tell me who they were and have lengthy conversations. Naturally, I had quite a bit of trouble believing all of this. It turned out that she was mentally unstable and a habitual liar, so deception is to be expected from her, but there are some things that she just couldn't have faked... I saw a lot of paranormal phenomenon around her (frequent electrical disturbances [outdoor lights flickering or shutting off were very common], shadow people, isolated flashes of light, unexplained noises, crazy spiritual dreams, etc), I saw something attack her several times (including two drownings in the bath tub; one time her heart even stopped), she proved that she knew things that she shouldn't have (things and names that I was thinking at the time, which I had never told her about), and she dreamed (in detail) that one of my cars would have an engine failure, 3 days before it happened.

From the very start of knowing her, she seemed oddly drawn to me (not normal attraction; there was something weird about this), and she kept persuing me (even though she was dating my friend for a while), until we eventually got together, then she ended up moving in with me. It was quite an experience, and a very bad and unstable relationship. She seemed to have this desire to do all things evil, even when she wouldn't gain from it... it was like she got pleasure from tormenting others, stealing, cheating, lying, manipulating, etc. In any case, in 2005, she told me that we will go to war with Iran in 2007 and there will be a US civil war in 2011, resulting in most people on Earth dying. I can't say if it will happen or not (I've been lied to before), but the Iran situation sure seems to be heading in that direction. She moved away last year, but I still have doomsday dreams from time to time, and it has become pretty common for various outdoor lights to shut off when I approach them (and not the kind that are designed to cool down every so often).

So, needless to say, I'm still trying to make sense of these things...

BTW, what's all this talk about August 22nd? That happens to be my birthday.

posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 04:06 AM
Welcome TurboDC4!

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posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 01:59 AM
Hello TurboDC4 - glad you found us and decided to join.

Hope you have fun and look forward to seeing you arround the Boards.



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