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Quantum Physics And Thought

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posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 11:16 PM
I have noticed over the last couple of days that there have been several threads about QP and what it entails. Now, it seems that everyone seems to think they know a little bit more about the subject than they really do. Truth is, we know very little about quantum physics with any degree of certainty.

Quantum Interconnectedness has received some attention in the last decades; physicists have come to realize that the universe is interconnected in much subtler ways than had once thought. In quantum physics the observer and the observed can no longer be separated and the whole is more fundamental that the part.

The mathematical principles of this "new" science may help explain and recognize consciousness as a fundamental part of reality. The similarities between mind and quantum theory undoubtedly abound. The intent of this web site, however, is an attempt to explain *some* of the dynamics of physics and how it quantumly relates to consciousness.

When we have a narrow perception of reality it creates illusionary lines of separation. This separation transverses from personal, societal, cultural and expanding into the world. The interconnectedness of the parts of the whole allows us to realize our oneness with all things.

Now there is an entire thread already posted aboutphysics and the effects of thought...I am basically posting this thread as a solution to the argument...

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