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True colours of mars and vegitation

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posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 04:26 PM
We are not sure but can only conclude from the fact that vegetation seemingly exist that they do manage to extract the water from below the surface if there is not enough surface water present.

A team of researchers from the University of Arkansas has measured water evaporation rates under Mars-like conditions, and their findings favor the presence of surface water on the planet. Water on the planet's surface makes the existence of past or present life on Mars a little more likely, according to the group.

Derek Sears, director of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Center for Space and Planetary Sciences, and his colleagues graduate student Shauntae Moore and technician Mikhail Kareev reported their initial findings at the fall 2003 meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the AAS.

The researchers have brought on-line a large planetary environmental chamber in which temperature, pressure, atmosphere, sunlight and soil conditions can be reproduced. Sears and his colleagues use the chamber to investigate the persistence of water under a range of physical environments and to study its evaporation.

"These findings suggest that even under worst case scenarios, where wind is maximizing evaporation, evaporation rates on Mars are quite low," Sears said. This implies that surface water could indeed exist, or have existed recently, under the given conditions on Mars.

And here is why we have no reason to question their findings.

And Gilbert Levin says that this is the missing link for the LR experiment to be interpreted as an evidence of life.

No he does not as according to him ( and a few others including myself) the LR experiment was all we had to work with considering that the control experiment could not even find life in antarctic in before flight testing. Basically all we are now doing is CONFIRMING the fact that life exist as we already found enough evidence to be sure ( unless your skeptic that would rather keep his job than be accurate) on our very first try in 1976.

I've read his article and perhaps his wright...but this leaves only maybe a few hours of traces of liquid water on the surface, not enough to creat a gullie. And the circadian rhythm from the LR experiment, to be a proof of life, would have to be in strong correlation with the liquid water pressence on the surface. But since Gilbert Levin does not present such an evidence, I will remain skeptic.

Actually we have 'wet' spots on the surface and plenty of evidence from the orbiters taking all those nice pictures that we have large lakes of standing water.

WASHINGTON -- Researchers using NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft announced Thursday that they found puzzling signs of water seeping into what appear to be young, freshly-cut gullies and gaps in the Martian surface.
The startling discovery of recently-formed, weeping layers of rock and sediment has planetary experts scratching their heads.

The wet spots show up in more than 120 locations on Mars and in the coldest places on the planet, said Michael Malin of Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego, California, which built the spacecraft's camera.

And that presents a "perplexing problem," he said, because logic says that Mars sub-zero temperatures and thin atmosphere should have kept those wet spots from ever forming.

The wet spots, which turn up in 200 to 250 different images from the Global Surveyor spacecraft, "could be a few million years old but we cannot rule out that some of them are so recent as to have formed yesterday," Malin said.

Only we know the 'wet spots' they talk about are miles wide and clearly standing water; a lake can after all be called a 'wet spot' if one really wants to.

Your source for that is?

I provided the source for the claim that the text was added to say that it was 'a effect of image processing' and there are is German site which carry the same picture but in a completely different hue. If their colour correct was so bad why have they not changed it to the same colouration as the German site or just corrected it on their own site? Apparently this is the way we do science these days.


posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 04:39 PM
One thing we should never forget when looking to Mars photos is that we may be looking to a photo filled with living beings and not recognised them as such.

Are those things trees? For what we know they could be crystals, plants, animals, fairground rides, anything, we are looking at a different planet where life may have taken a completely different way from the one that Earths' life have "chosen".

But I do like to look at those Mars photos, they are really out of this world.

Oh, and on the photos where I tried to adjust the colors according to the target, the sky was pale blue, almost white.

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