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Will Hillary run in 2008 ?

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posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 11:23 PM
While remaining slient on her presidential aspirations Hillary Clinton has been fundraising for her reelection to the Senate.
The millon dollar question people are asking is .
Can Hillary run and win in 2008 ?
In the Time poll, Democrats overwhelmingly describe her as a strong leader (77%) who has strong moral values (69%). Republicans by and large see an opportunist who would say or do anything to further her political ambitions (68%) and puts her political interests ahead of her beliefs (60%).

Her political operation has grown to an army of 32 full-time employees, plus 10 from her Senate office who draw part of their salary there, and 13 consultants who are building, among other things, a national direct-mail operation. She recently added an Internet guru to their ranks.

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Putting aside partisan debate Hillary's possible run for the Democratic nomination in 2008 seems to highlight the problems that the Democrats face.

One must take a look at the supporters of the current administration to understand the problems that the Democrats face. There are two kinds of people who support the current administration the first kind is someone who follows the current administration blindly if Bush told them to jump off a cliff they would.
The second kind of person supporters the current crop of leaders in the Whitehouse by default they simply dont like the alternatives that are on offer.

Hillary would need to capture the votes of the second group of Republican supporters.
Can Hillary get certain Republican supporters to vote for her ?
My feeling is that the answer is no not because she is a Democrat but because she supported the war in Iraq and later went on to criticize the Bush administrations handeling of the war. Rightly or wrongfully this gives the impression that her opinion changes with the direction that the wind blows.

You also have ask why Americans would vote for someone who would continue and perhaps widen the great political divide that exists in the USA. Some of the Democrats core supporters dont even seem to like Hillary.

The final question is should any Democrat candidate bother to deal with the first group of Republican supporters ?
This is the easiest question to answer. The answer is no the first bunch of Republican supporters are a write off to say the least.

The Democrats need new blood people who can distance themselvs from the politics of the war in Iraq. I have often wondered how Bill Gates would go in politics.

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