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Cobspiracy against

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posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 11:22 AM
On Patriotism

It appears that pollution has not only reached the lofty heights of the summit of Mt. Everest; it has found its way into our understanding of spoken American ‘English’.

These days, far too many of our fellow citizens have attempted to redefine some important words representing some very important concepts. These concepts have been learned by humankind over the ages by the usual process of trial and error.

The term “patriotism” and the assault upon it by current politicians and other non-thinkers is a glaring example of abusing the concept of a dynamic language. We understand that a language must be dynamic, dying or dead. Latin, now virtually defunct, was a major language; it was the language of intelligentsia and is the basis if much of the fine tuning of the Germanic language we call modern American English.

We find many examples of the acceptable definition of a word being altered or invented over time. Two good examples, both in English, by Phil Baldi, found on his web site, are: “ship” which used to be pronounced ‘skip’ or that “network”, which we all understand and use today,…was not a verb a few decades ago.

Patriotism is a term greatly abused today mostly due to attempted political manipulation serving a particular political agenda, such agenda, by the way, is almost never the business of the American People. Patriotism has an actual, designated, agreed-upon denotation or meaning and the term has qualifications which must be met if its use is judged to be correctly applied in a sentence.

Actual patriotism requires commitment, the willingness to sacrifice oneself for a greater cause (ostensibly the welfare and survival of a nation worth preserving) and this sacrifice may be ultimate on an individual basis. It also requires an understanding of abstract concepts and the intelligence to comprehend those concepts and apply decision making to dynamic situations.

How sad is it that under the circumstances in which we find ourselves in today’s America the term ‘patriotism’ has been polluted to the gross extent it has. We witness politicians, most of whom never bothered to commit to any sort of genuine service to their country, I believe the VP is quoted when asked if he served in the US military as saying something like…he did not have time for the military as he had another agenda. No quotes here because I was not there. Politicians are guilty of so much these days and foremost among their fiduciary crimes is, doing the work not of The People (their actual employer) but of Party and Special Interest while attempting on a regular basis to re-define patriotism as blindingly supporting any scheme offered up by those in charge.

In a free country it is not only the right of the people to withdraw support from incompetent “leadership” it is the duty of the citizen to do so and since we have elected to avoid our responsibility and remove such “leadership” we are guilty by inaction, of complicity.

These modern-day strutting peacocks who jokingly refer to themselves as “leaders” instead of what the average American knows them to be, are a lot of things but one thing they are decidedly not is…..PATRIOTIC and agreeing with their decisions may be a lot of things…but such misuse of the freedom of thought is in no way to be construed as…

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 02:18 PM
Of course they are not patriots. They attack both American citizens and their liberties, and sell us out to many foreign and international interests. They are traitors.

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