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N. Korea Preps Underground Nuclear Test

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 10:47 PM
The international community watches with worry as North Korea prepares for its first subterranean test of a thermo-nuclear device.
Aug. 17, 2006 — There is new evidence that North Korea may be preparing for an underground test of a nuclear bomb, U.S. officials told ABC News.

"It is the view of the intelligence community that a test is a real possibility," said a senior State Department official.

A senior military official told ABC News that a U.S. intelligence agency has recently observed "suspicious vehicle movement" at a suspected North Korean test site.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

With world attention riveted on events in the Middle East, President Bush and other western leaders are left to grapple with the growing nuclear threat posed by North Korea. they don't seem to have too many options.

There seems to be some indication that the U.S. may consider a full navel blockade of North Korean waters if the North Koreans goes through with the test. (see supporting link,

One can only guess at what must be going throughh the minds of South Korean officials. (see supporting link, The prospect of an angry nuclear neighbor so close at hand must have them quite worried.

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 11:39 PM
Already posted, fella... not too far from your post.

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