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The media and the government are trying to scare you, so how scared are you?

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 12:50 PM
A counselor once told me that if you can keep someone confused and scared you can control them, in that state of mind they don't know what to do and so they do as they are told much more easily. So how scared are you? It is clear that the government and the media are working hand in hand on the scare tactics.

Yesterday while watching one of the major news outlets the so called journalist was discussing with a pundit, the news, apparently a spy satellite had picked up images of wires on top of the ground somewhere (North Korea) I think and she was saying the gov. was fearing these wires were detectors for them to monitor the underground nukes they were testing underground. Now this story was so absurd that the pundit was trying not to laugh but she did not make it before the conversation was over she collapsed into laughter.

Then we have the lady with a bottle of water and cosmetics and the so called bomb, but it was only a bottle of water and cosmetics. Please, we have got to stop being so terrified. What is wrong with this country today, are we really supposed to be afraid of cosmetics and water and a few wires on top of the ground somewheres?

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 01:10 PM
Unfortunately I don't watch the news, I get news on ATS 1st then look at the real story.

I am not scared, hell read my sig, I believe all that was see is government manufactured. But I do believe there will be a Nuke in the US... Perhaps Chicago or something, but don't quote me where just on what.

In other words I will not be one of them morons saying


I will be one of those people fighting the NWO, think Red Dawn

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 01:14 PM
I can say that I am not scared. I also don't watch all that much tv. The only time my tv is on is when I have my S-Video connected from my laptop or I'm watching a DVD.

Becoming free from watching the television, and then weening myself off of newspapers was not an easy step, but I wouldn't go back to it now. The only thing I really look at in the paper anymore is the obituary section (it's a New Orleans thing). I get my news from ATS mainly, and then research it on my own.

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 01:40 PM
Goose, I think the answers you have seen so far will represent much of the ATS membership, but I think for those that rely on the MSM for information, it may be a different story.

Here is a humorous look at how the MSM feed the public fear for ratings (or what ever conspiracy theory you follow.)

CNN fear mongering and a follow up, "Are you AFRAID to be scared?"

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 01:02 AM

Originally posted by goose
It is clear that the government and the media are working hand in hand on the scare tactics.

The media is an exercise in absurdity. There is so much eago involved in the media. They don't have reporters, they have primadonnas. They don't care about informing the populace, but ratings. Good news doesn't sell, but sensationalism never fails to bring them to their TV's every time.

To me, it isn't a far stretch of the imagination to think that it would be easy to control the media if you had enough money to buy off or threaten the right people. It only takes a few few correctly placed individuals for everything to be steered in a direction.

Corporations have upwardly mobile trained monkeys and "yes" men or women who all want to climb up the ladder. They willingly tow the party line. Ethics and morals are a thing of the past.

The media is run by a corporation. Corporations are driven by profit and keeping ther shared worth something to shareholders. If you were a person with money, I would imagine it could easily be controlled if it meant the media outlet would be rewarded in some manner. That is not conspiracy theory, but a fact.

Am I afraid? I would think the puppet masters are afraid. They are all about control. The down side of power and control is fear of losing it. They are victims of their own actions. They are so fearfull, they stink of it.

I am a human who will not exit this life alive. I live for today and the promise of tomorrow. I know my place in the Universe and no media outlet or goverment can tell me otherwise. We are all connected to each other and greater than we could ever imagine. We are not as insignificant as they would have us believe. We all can make a difference and some of us do make a difference every day we are here. That is the true power. Helping others and coming together.

Herbert had it right when he said that "fear is the mind killer." Hope and faith in our abilities to be good will take us a lot farther than apathy, fear or negativity.

"Terrorism" is giving way to fear in order to control. Both sides do it. I am starting to wonder if someone is hedging their bets and deliberately causing conflict so that we cannot see the man behind the curtain. We are all so easily distracted and fall for the "nothing up my sleeve" bit. It should be noted that if a magician or puppet master says that "there is nothing up my sleeve", that is usally where you should look first.

I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.

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