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Getting VEXED

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posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 11:43 PM
'Loads shotgun'

Not that I have a shotgun..... no sir......

But the urge to smite fools does rise in this rather vexed veteran of clashes with vicious-tongued puppets of oppressors and bigoted 'leaders'. The urge to declare more openly (than usual) ones hatred for the racist scum, the religious zealots, the police state fanatics, the conveniently blind sheep, and the downright idiotic has risen to a new high.

If you are easily provoked, and have a closed mind, read no further. I am in no mood to be declared a heathen, terrorist loving scumbag by people who have never been outside their home towns. This will hurt to read, I predict, and anger will be your predictable reaction (feed the hate, yo).

Soooooo ANYWAYS.....

Re: the aforementioned people types. Are they so stupid? Time and again they find themselves responsible for the deaths of many a fellow man, yet they lie to themselves and their peers and their parents that they are doing it 'In The Name Of God', or 'For Our Nation'. Ha, but surely they do not realise that in the case of the first comment it is for their God to decide, and not theirs, and in the case of the second, such comments oft follow exceedingly shortsighted and narrow-scoped actions that will mostly lead to more peril for their people.

Such is the state of the world though my friends, that it is never black and white. These fools, due to many reasons, be they a confined environment, lack of education, or parental head-screwing, tend to believe only in black and white. Nazis flourish, Christian and Muslim and Jewish Extremism grows, Political and Corporate Corruption flows freely... It all adds up to a big pool of battleship grey, people. NOTHING is as it seems (in fact, I am not talking to you, you are reading Roald Dahl's 'The Witches').

Who are you? Those who seek to impose through violent action. You claim righteousness, yet advocate mass murder in the name of your God/Race/Political Ideals. A simple man, who's only life goal was to raise a good family, have his children fed clothed and safe, and to see them have grandchildren now has nothing. Why? Because of you who would fight his people because they had a different religious angle, or skin colour. Now revenge is his only option. Bravo. See how your short-sighted plans have now created more enemies. Foolish, hasty Terrans! And Yes, for those not following this twisting and heartfelt rant of anger and tiredness and of large doses of caffeine, I do, in fact, refer to a suicide bomber, as you call them with the buzz terminology. And while I do not advocate the use of such practises, revenge is a concept I understand only too well. Ask yourselves, what would YOU do if your family got butchered for ethnicity or faith?

Even here in this alleged temple of enlightened debate and understanding, we find ill-educated moronical drones asking about how FUN it would be to utilise nuclear weapons in a certain area of earth they deem not to fit their cosy outlook. A sickening display of spectacular ignorance. Yet you DARE to throw the over-used catchphrase of this temple to make yourselves feel like an enlightened soul. You are not enlightened. There are people here who ARE, but you, O Zealot, O Bigoted Fool, are not.

"Ah, but this is my right to free speech!" I hear you cry. Well, my most unworthy foe (I always wanted to say that) free speech is not license to be a loathesome moron. And your right? Haaaaaahahahahahaaaahhhh.... what about MY right to live in peace with my neighbours, be they black or white, christian, jew or muslim, without some IDIOT trying to kill us/seperate us/turn us against each other? "Might is Right" I hear you attempt to counter with. Nooooo, Might is Not automatically right, as people like Stalin, Hitler, Bush, and Nero have shown us. And yes, I did that most deliberatly, those who are about to get vexed at my mentioning of Bush in the same breath as Hitler.

Changing directions sharply, like a UFO pursued by the USAF, we come to those of you who, in your quest to place your God into everyone's lives in a forceful, illogical, and ignorant manner, declare science to be evil, or, as those among us who prefer not to use such gentle terms, to be BS. I must laugh long and hard in your collective faces over this. I bet many of you today who follow God in his varied guises, use medication. Of all types, for all reasons and situations, from the dreaded cancer to the headache and the cold. Is science still evil? Hell, I wonder where the current Pope would be without his heart pills...

Upping the ante, we move on to the subject of stem cell research. And so, we play God. This rather amused author does find this most funny (hence the 'amused', dammit!). You would rather your children grow up with horrific defects and disabilities and diseases, rather than them being granted a fair shot at life (in the physical and sensory sense)? This surely, is cutting off your nose to spite your face, while seeking to appease your chosen deity? Oh I agree, the HIGHLY irresponsible of the scientific community will no doubt attempt to use it in a bid to further this anticipated designer baby boom, and this is to be combatted, but can you not see the good for us as a species this could potentially do? And I do not doubt for more than a microsecond that MOST of you will not be aware that many of our world's finest scientific minds gave been men of faith? Seek quotes!!!!!!

Now...... for the apathetic!

No fancy speeches, no deliberately shakespearian rambling, just good, old fashioned WAKE UP!!!!!!!! Dammit, you types are the worst. The highlight of your existance is what happened on your latest fad reality TV show. Like cattle I watch you being herded, and though I actually couldnt care less about you (only joking, I wuvs ya really.... *hugs*), I am worried that your 'Ignorance Is Bliss' stance is going to allow our lives to get steadily worse. Do you want your children groing up in a Orwellian Nightmare? Or a Sharia State? How about The Fourth Reich? Say yes, and be deemed a cretin for the rest of your days.

PLEASE do not follow blindly. Read the small print, look for the blatant inconsistancies they hide from you by distracting you. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. You don't like the way your country is being run? Get political, even if its only to adress your one issue.

Apathy is a Dictator's biggest friend. Well, aside maybe from his propaganda chief. Remember this though, or die an unheard slave.

Anyways, this is enough for now, and the rage is cooling. Now read the disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Daystar (TM) does not endorse armed violence (as there are enough pillocks running around with guns) in any of the nations who might be arsed to come and try to arrest him/kidnap him/indite him on BS charges (list of aforementioned nations subject to change according to weather, UN resolutions, and whoever's leader can act the biggest PRAT). Daystar (TM) does not endorse the attacking the religions of the House Of Abraham, but rather endorses attacks on those of said religions who act idiotically and betray the written word of their beliefs, and who do not use COMMON BLOODY SENSE when thinking about what would Jesus do. Daystar (TM) does not endorse the use of Science as a fashion excessory, and is above legal reproach if he spits in the face of future morons who will no doubt mutate themselves as a fashion gimmick.

Thank you for your time. And remember: I love you all, in a non-sexual, One People One Nation sense...

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 12:02 AM
Glad you let it out, not sure if that was all or not, but it looks damn close. Besides it was a good read, and I would personally not have had to listen to all that, so..

You said it, and crazy is as crazy does.

Tired of all the
let alone but it don't help to;


posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 10:52 PM

I cannot even describe how this resounded with my own truths on the world situation. It is incredibly scary to think how some people just never get a grip on what's going on, or worse act as proponents of a police state/other fascist form of life.

Daystar, as I already told you, if I could give you a WATS and had one left, you would have it my friend. I have seen many of your posts and you always are resolute in your knowledge, and you don't leave yourself open to questioning by the other purported "thinkers" who choose to elicit responses of "you're such a republican" or the likes of such. Get a grip people, if you haven't seen the wool being pulled over you by choosing a "side" that is nothing more than the other half of the same face, then good luck to you, but stop ruining our world for your pleasure, and start getting on with your lives in an already fascist state! If you can't read the writing on the walls, then it is time to stop translating for those that don't want to learn and start workin for some sort of change.

I feel better now, and thank you so much Daystar for yet another writing that I admire you for!

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 03:09 PM
That was a great read and I don't think I could agree more with you. What else is there to say...?

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posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 12:32 AM
Outstanding rant my friend. I totally agree with all of it.

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