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Dr. Oni. Ask ask ask....!

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posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 07:39 AM
Heya, Any problems you wish to share and need advice on, reply via this thread and i shall tell you my views and try to help in anyway i can.

Cheers Oni x x

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 07:46 AM

I have a female friend that is as beautiful a person on th4e inside as she is on the outside.

The problem is she does not realize this.

Whereas, especially where I am from, it is a nice change of pace to have such modisty...but..........really.....she must learn to see what I do.

Maybe I should fedex my glass's to her??? Maybe she can then see what I do??

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 07:48 AM
OK Dr Oni,

There is this girl that i really, really like. She makes me so happy every time i talk to her and always makes me laugh. Now we get on like a house on fire and have so much in common. Now my problem is that i really like her and she has told me she feels the same, but i keep chickening out of doing anything about it. Now i don't know why that is, i think I'm a bit scared of getting hurt again after my recent relationships. But I'm worried that she might think i don't like her cos i haven't asked yet, i just need to take it a bit slow.

So my question is, how should i go about telling this girl without killing off this spark we have? She is amazing in every way. As i said i have no intentions of not asking, i just need a bit of time to get used to the idea of feeling like this again.

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 08:09 AM
Mr Mon, maybe the girl is so embarrassed, and even though complements are sweet all she can see is a huge ugly figure and thinks that you are pitying her. (most women feel like this). Allow her to feel the way she does but i know she is truly flattered by these complements.

Now Mr Pick, From the information, from you should tell her straight out, because you said she feels the same way. She mostly feels the same about the relationship and hurting. Give her time as well to be able to know what she wants from this "friendship". There are other fish in the sea and you shouldn't hold yourself down to one person, until you are sure you and her feel the same way.

As for the spark it sounds like you two are good friends. Friends make the best partners but also the worst if ever they break up. Be friends until you both feel ready.

Hope this helped

Oni x x

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 08:15 AM
Great advice Dr. Oni lol.

I will be sure to tell her

See i may put on a front but us men get scared too, impossable as it sounds lol

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 03:35 PM
Dr Oni....where the fook is that shipment of coke and guns i paid u for?

yours, impatientley waiting to get high and start a war at the same time, Opt.

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 06:14 PM
Der Doc Oni,

Heres my problem,

I once let my sister borrow some of my clubbing gear, a white leather halter top, and trousers to match, also there was a log Black cardi that i loved,

Now see its been about 4 YEARS!!!!! since i have seen these items lol,

Im wondering if you (i mena she)
still has them

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 06:48 PM

Hmm, nope no problems, but I shall say this.

Dr. Oni is a very talented umm professional Dr. person,
yeah that's about it.

[edit on 8/18/2006 by iori_komei]

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 09:46 PM
I fear a friend of mine is being stalked by a rather shady and unwholesome bast.... er, person. How can I tell this friend without starting ww3?

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 10:15 PM
i have a headache, and i want to listen to some music really loud.

loudly. yar.


I gets bored.

[edit on 18-8-2006 by Lysergic]

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 01:32 PM
Wow. I haven't replied to some peoples problems.... *cries and shakes head*

Well.... Daystar... Just tell your friend your worries and maybe they will agree that the person is "shady" also... (this is what i would do).

Lysergic.... Well suck up and put up with it.

Music or pain.......

(obviously this was a few months ago!!

Oni x x

P.S: i am sure to reply alot quicker.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 02:24 PM
I have this rash that won't responded to any drugstore topical medication or other herbal/homeopathic unguents or salves.
Should I seek the counsel of one more experienced in these types of maladays? Do you have any advice? Could it be the grapefruit?

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 05:04 PM
Dear Dr. Oni,

My problem may sound silly to some, but it is very serious and painful for me. About a year ago, I went to the dentist and had some fillings done. Now, I am very afraid of novacaine shots and pain, so the dentist used gas and put me to sleep. When I woke up, my pants were unzipped. I asked the dentist to explain why my pants were unzipped and he said they must have been that way when I came in. Now, I never forget to zip up my pants when I use the bathroom.

What should I do? Should I sue? Can I sue? I'm very seriously mentally hurt by this. I can no longer go to the dentist. It was hard enough before. Now......I just can't do it again.

What do you suggest?

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 08:44 PM
I know this is Dr. Oni thread but I'd like to chime in here if I may.

E_B, Instead of seeing the dentist in his office, maybe you two could have a social encounter. You know, maybe a drink or coffee and you could discuss the event a little more deeply. It's probably nothing to be concerned about and you could resume your DR. /client relationship.
We really need to be digilant in the care of our teeth and gums.

[edit on 27-12-2006 by whaaa]

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Di you have a pleasant lingering feeling, that was'nt from the gas?
If so, why in the heck are you complaining, I mean you did'nt even
have to pay!

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:22 PM
2 questions.

Elbows...on, or off the table. I hear they don't belong on the table..but why?

Why is the "funny bone" also called the humerus..Is it some sort of sick joke?

thanks in advance.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 06:46 AM

E_B, Instead of seeing the dentist in his office, maybe you two could have a social encounter.

The dentist did call me a few days later and ask me to come into his office to discuss the matter. I thought it was unusual, especially since he wanted it to be at 10pm on on a Sunday. I told him I didn't go that way. He said that isn't what I told him when I was under the gas.

Well...I got so nervous that my shoes fell off and I broke my glasses. I immediately called the police, but they were no help. They said I should bring flowers and wear some nice cologne.

Dr. Oni...please help. I can't even brush my teeth anymore without getting nauseous....My breath is getting so bad, the dog won't even play with me any more and he eats turds out of the cat box.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 03:35 PM
Dr. Oni...why don't you want to help me with my problem??

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:43 PM
Don't forget me Dr. Oni! I still need your advice on my rash. It's beginning to get all flaky, and turning kind of a purple color. And itch, whoa, it itches bad. I don't think it's the grapefruit juice anymore.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:49 PM
Ohh, I have a problem Dr. Oni.

Whenever I wear my collar and get used and abused and...
erm, anyways, I get a red itchy circle on my neck where it was,
but I'm not allergic to anything in it, that I'm aware of.
What should I do?

[edit on 1/2/2007 by iori_komei]

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