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Ok the Multi Conspiracy Thread

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 12:20 PM
OK Looking at all the events going on at the moment.

1) Israel Looking weak by withdrawing.
2) Syria setting up Guerrilla Fighters to wage war in the Golan Heights
3) Iran Starting War Games
4) Fox News Cameraman and crew abducted
5) Hezbollah not being disarmed.
6) Iran saying it will give its answer to the Nuclear Deal on Tuesday

Ok how about this for a regional prophecy.

Iran starts war games to put its military on high alert without scaring the world, oh its just an exercise, they start preparing troop build ups and staging mock events (mock events like staged assaults, Amphibious Landings and Deterrance. The war in lebanon showed (to some extent) the limitations of a modern army fighting against a Guerrilla force.
Iran would feel confident that the US could bomb them, but would have to send troops to finish the job, General Wesley Clark recently said that sure they had disheartened the Serbians in the Kosovo air assault but you still HAVE to put boots on the ground to maintain the peace and secure locations.

Hezbollah are not being disarmed and should be getting new weapons and supplies from Syria and Iran while there is a minimal UN presence.
Iran has said to expect a Jerusalem to be lit up on the 22nd, this could mean many things but the recent abduction of a US news crew with cameras and Fox Network access could mean they plan on showing the world what will happen exactly on the 22nd, I find it also interesting that Iran would launch Military Maneuvers so close to this date, Possibly making sure their tactics and military are prepared.

Syria are planning to take back the Golan heights possibly in order to make sure a major regional conflict starts, By default a "Guerilla attack" would make Israel attack Syria directly because they would see through the very thin veil of ownership for the Guerilla "state sponsored" freedom fighters.

This whole region is about to erupt and these could be precursors to that.

What do you guys think?

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 01:24 PM
Well anything is possible at this stage. It could go the other way around too. Israel has been saying for ages that they will strike Irans nuclear facilities so, I can't see how anyone would think its wrong if Iran actually turned the tables and attacked Israels facilities in Demona. I for one would like to see that plant taken out of commssion wether by force or voluntarily. I know they won't do it voluntarily and the USA merely overlooks it. I think it poses a great danger to the ME in its entirety. I just don't know if the Iranians would have the technology to be able to take it out without causing damage or causing a radiation leak and harming civilians. I doubt they do and Im sure by now that Demona has been redesigned.

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