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Call for investigation of Chris Bollyn incident!

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 04:44 PM
Christopher is one of the first who helped us to realize that 911 was a scam and digged out most of information.
That's the guy to which research are referring most of serious 911 researchers

Let's pay it back and help him!

His radio broadcast can be found here

Let's identify the criminals within the police department

The brief and abusive "arrest" of Christopher Bollyn should be investigated.

We need thousands of people to help us!

Please call Mayor William McLeod and ask for an investigation: 847-781-2681

You may get voice mail, so just leave a message to investigate the Bollyn incident. Tell him has more info. Our government officials only do something when lots of people demand it, so don't be like 9/11 victims who remain silent and fearful. Instead, please call, and check our site every day to see if anything is happening.

Christopher Bollyn abused
by Chicago's Zionist police gang!

Christopher Bollyn's report can be found here:

Please help us let the Zionists gangs realize that some of us are fed up with their abuse.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 08:03 PM
I am yet to see anything on there as to the specifics of WHY he was arrested. Why isn't this listed?

Also, that bottom site seems to be a bit hysterical and unreliable. Do you have a better source?

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 08:17 PM
I found another source...

Chris himself details the incident here...

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 12:56 AM
Yes people we need to show support for Christopher Bollyn. This incident is truly disgusting.


Christopher Bollyn abused
by Chicago's Zionist police gang!

"Bring it on, ADL"

Christopher Bollyn's report can be found here:

A scanned image of the arrest report:

Please help us let the Zionists gangs realize that some of us are fed up with their abuse.

In 1976 Harold Wallace Rosenthal said "Your people don't have guts." Have you seen Rosenthal's remarks yet:

The Americans and Europeans have proven over and over and over that Rosenthal is correct. For just a few examples:

• Most American military personnel who know about the attack on the USS Liberty are afraid to talk about it.

• European nations have passed laws to prohibit investigations of the Holocaust because they are afraid of... of what?

• Most witnesses to the crash at the Pentagon are afraid to talk about it.

When a wolf chases after a sheep, the other sheep run in fear because the sheep don't have the intelligence to realize that they could easily chase the wolf away!

So far, all throughout history, when a Zionist abuses a Goy, the other Goyim run away in fear, even though the Goyim outnumber the Zionists by an incredible amount.

Will Goyim ever stand up to the Zionists?

The abuse that Christopher Bollyn suffered was trivial compared to the abuse suffered by the men on the USS Liberty and the abuse Americans and Arabs are suffering right now in the Middle East.

However, they abused Christopher Bollyn in an American city in front of everybody. If we let them get away with this, they may do it to more of us.

You can help! It doesn't take any money. You can send a link to this article to your own police department, or to the police department in Chicago.

The link to send people is:

Call or email the Mayor of the Hoffman Estates area of Chicago:
Mayor William D. McLeod:

The arresting officer's name is Fitzgerald

Another person to email is Police Chief Clint Herdegen:

Here are some other email address and numbers:

and here:

It is not silly to send e-mail

When thousands of people send e-mail messages, the Zionists realize that some of us are not docile sheep.

You should also send this link to fire departments, military bases, and local government offices. They need to grow up and smell the Zionism, also.

Thanks for helping!

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