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i don't understand it...

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 03:53 AM
mainstream scientists, media... even skeptics, whatever etc...

all claim we need scientific fact, substantial evidence, something we can feel in order to determine if the ufo phenomenon is real...

well, i was watching a rather old episode of ufo files.. which i found to be the most compelling

a certain man was on the road with his wife... saw two strange beams parallel to eachother in the sky, with another glowing sphere-like object hovering closer to earth.. the man got out of the car, the wife as well.. they observed this object for a certain amount of time.. then the wife decided to turn on the headlights.. at this time, the sphere like object dashed to the two beams in the sky..

at this time, the man witnesses a trail of fire shoot towards the ground, over the mountains..

he then immediately follows where the object fell, and discovered something that looked like a red, gooey blob.. too hot to touch at the moment.. he waited, enveloped the item in a blanket and placed it in his trunk..

this story is too long to go into complete detail.. but to make a long story short, he sent the device to numerous scientific research labs, including MIT, and some other top notch places.. one of the labs was doing research on a meteor they just recovered in india and antarctica.. both analyzed to have a certain decimal number of a certain compound which inevitabley places the meteor to be derived from mars..

they studied his object, and it fell into the same decimal number as the other compound.. thus ruling it out to be from mars as well..

what's even MORE compelling, is one of the scientists retraced his statement of saying the object was not of this world... claiming his senior officials wouldn't allow him to speak further on the subject.

and what's even MORE compelling.. on declassified documents from.. ahh, i believe denmark.. i could be wrong, an army official in the 1940's found an object showing uncanny resemblence to the one found by this man.. the documents show the picture, and came to conclude that it was of UFO origin..

what's even MOOORE compelling.. is that this man now, passed three seperate polygraph tests administered by different departments..

he still has this object, you see it on the UFO files documentary.. believe me or not, i saw this compelling story on the history channel.. the man seems very genuine in what he sais.. going on to say that he didn't want this to happen, he never believed in ufos.. he didn't want people to deem him a ufo nut. he wouldn't give up, and his efforts to continue pushing this and getting answeres left his spirit, and savings drained...

to the point he couldn't do anything anymore.. no one would listen, scientists retracted the statements saying that the object was not of this planet, stating that their senior officials demanded them to not speak on the subject..

so the scientific evidence was shown, the documents clearly showing the scientific analysis of this object which while mostly alluminum, has another compound which falls right into the small, narrow decimal which proves the object being from mars.

the physical evidence is there, this object is still in his posession, and is shown in this specific episode.

the historical evidence is there, with a nearly identical object being found in the 40's overseas by a military official, proved in a declassified document, showing pictures and the debriefing...

he passed three seperate polygraph tests, from three different departments..

believe me or not, i believe none of you have a substantial opinion on this specific subject until you actually see this specific episode as told on the history channel..
only then, i believe you can have a say on this whole ordeal..

but this goes to prove, that even with physical proof.. whatever office held high in the government will go to ANY LENGTHS, even if proof is right there infront of you, to discredit this phenomenon. my 6 cents

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 05:39 AM
The world is a crasy place, UFO's and aliens are real and visiting us but we're not allowed to know! It's just sick!

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 07:14 AM
This sounds a lot like the Bob White object. Is it? If so, it is as you say a very compelling case. Lots of scientific study and results, etc.

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