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Bird flu hits USA...but is it the one we are fearing?

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posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 01:34 PM
according to the RSOE global disaster and emergency database this report has been issued

Scientists have discovered the possible presence of bird flu in the United States -- in wild swans near the banks of Lake Erie -- but it does not appear to be the worrisome strain that the government has long feared. Routine tests on two seemingly healthy wild mute swans in Michigan suggest they might have the H5N1 virus; confirmatory tests are under way. But other testing has ruled out that it could the so-called highly pathogenic version of that virus that has ravaged poultry in Asia, and killed at least 138 people worldwide, the Agriculture Department announced Monday. "This is not the highly pathogenic avian influence virus that has spread through much of other parts of the world," said Ron DeHaven, administrator of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. "We do not believe this virus represents a risk to human health," he declared. in lies the we believe what they are saying or not? me, im not so sure. i usually believe reports like this, i can be a bit too trusting sometimes i think. but how come when something hits here we are always told "this isnt as bad as it seems." then all of the sudden BAM a report comes out that says "terror everywhere, we arent safe." blah blah blah.

so atsers i ask you, what do you think of this report?

here is the link with more info

RSOE: avian flu hits usa report


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