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Aliens Come To Earth For.......Vacation?

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok

Why wouldn't they just show themselves to us right here and now? You expect too much from them.

It’s my damn planet! I expect too much of THEM? THEY are the ones trespassing, the least they could do is introduce themselves, sit down, have a cup of tea, chat about the weather, existentialism, quantum physics, whatever.

I think I gotta agree with that. Hell if someone kept wondering around my house I'd want to know who the heck it is. I'd be like, "Hey what you doing. Why you around my house. You wanna be friends? You trying to rob us?" Ya know. Don't be going around someones place is you don't them to know who you are.


posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Timeseer
Earth lies in an intergalactic protectorate...

...intergalactic law ...

...founded by the Annunaki (a bunch of tall grey skin philosophical hippy bureaucrats)...

...extraterrestrials not being allows to come here unless it was a part of their job...

The extraterrestrials would have come here around 2001 or 2003, if Bush wasn't elected into office...

the Annunaki Empress (the head of state over this entire galaxy)...

[etc etc etc]

I'm sorry, but what an absolute bunch of HORSEPUCKY!
Why are you stating all this Star Trek (Shatner years) garbage as unequivocal fact? Please, tell us how you know all of this. I'm fascinated to hear the answer.

[edit on 2006-8-17 by wecomeinpeace]

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