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Michael Ignatieff: The Next Liberal Leader?

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posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 09:28 PM
Now that Maurizio Bevilacqua has dropped out of the race, the Liberal leadership race is down to 10 candidates. Out of those 10, the real contenders are Stéphane Dion, Bob Rae, Ken Dryden, Gerard Kennedy (who the heck is Gerard Kennedy?
) and Michael Ignatieff.

I was looking at the Wikipedia entry on the 2006 Leadership Convention and was surpised to see that Ignatieff has 39 Caucus suporters, with Gerard Kennedy (who the heck is Gerard Kennedy?
) running in second with 20 supporters and Bob Rae with 14. With that kind of support, the election is Ignatieff's to lose.

Have they lost their minds? I could make my fingers sore typing all the reasons Ignatieff shouldn't be the next Liberal Party leader, unless they change their name to the Used To Be Liberal Party of Canada. Instead of that, I will direct you to a post by Gools in another thread.

Originally posted by Gools
Do some research...

Pro-Iraq War;
Bush supporter;
Missile Defense Shield Supporter;
Supports American Imperialism; (he even wrote a book on it called "Empire Lite"!!)
Supports American policy on torture!
Lived outside of Canada for nearly three decades (UK and US).

What does he know about Canadian politics?

Also read up on how he secured his riding nomination. There was quite the controversy over it that got almost no media attention:

Michael Ignatieff is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Is the grand plan to revitalize the Liberal Party simply to move it to the right?

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 09:33 PM
hmmm if bob rae should happen to win the librals could loose most of there ontario support after what he did as ontairio's premier. just imagine "rae days" across the nation. some of the "rae day" plans actualy paid workers for a few days off, i imagine that realy saved money for the tax payers.

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 01:27 PM
I'm not sure how I feel about Rae as the Liberal leader. I think he might have too much baggage for the job. Is he even electable in Ontario?

That said, I'd take Rae over Ignatieff any day. At least Rae doesn't say stupid things like this:

"Qana was frankly inevitable in a situation in which you have rocket-launchers within 100 yards of a civilian population. This is the nature of the war that's going on ...This is the kind of dirty war you're in when you have to do this and I'm not losing sleep about that."

Ignatieff admits gaffe over Mideast conflict

He has, of course, decided that he is losing sleep. Probably because of all the bad press he got.

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 07:05 PM
You know for a party that's been absolutely famous, his name isn't what you'd call memorable material for it's a name that fails to have any sufficient punch if you know what I mean. Being a big supporter of the Liberal Party myself, we need someone with more pizazz or charisma because polotics simply wasn't meant to be boring -- at least not here in Canada John F. Kerry.

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 08:23 PM
You are absolutely right. His name is far too boring. If we were going only on names, I like Stéphane Dion. Or maybe Ken Dryden, but only if he lets us call him Kenny.

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posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 05:02 PM
The Conservative Party of Canada has thrown their support to Michael Ignatieff.

On the eve of the Liberals' super weekend, when some 4,300 delegates will be chosen to attend the party's Dec. 2 leadership convention, a confidential memo from Conservative national campaign chief Doug Finley was conveniently leaked to two newspapers, one French, one English.

Offering his assessment of the top four contenders in the Liberal contest, Finley confides that rookie Toronto MP and acclaimed scholar Michael Ignatieff would be the most formidable foe for the Conservatives.

Bob Rae, on the other hand, would have trouble overcoming his turbulent, recession-ravaged record as Ontario NDP premier during the early 1990s.

Tory memo assesses Liberal leadership candidates

What is going on? Harper has too much control over the Conservatives to have 'leaks' like this happen.

Ignatieff is up to 47 caucus supporters going into 'super weekend' to pick their delegates.

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 06:01 PM
I wanna guy who has at least lived here as an adult. He strikes me as sorta abrasive and without that certain "Je ne c'est quoi" Got no "magic" - or at least none I feel compelled to purchase. Dryden... Kenny... childcare... champion ... scholar... well liked... Canadiens backstop... saved us from USSR once, again - quite likely the best choice "for me at this time" if "Iggy" shows "light" on 1st ballot - yeah - Ken "darkhorse" Dryden... under dawg - 3rd ballot even money with "Death-Rae". That's if the writ isn't dropped before... other factors.

Victor K.


EDIT: So I went lookin' - silly me.

"Canada" Dryden's - Big Canada - 4 theme plan - 26 pages of something... a bit ramblin' - web or PDF.

Nice dignified Canadian - bland no "zing". Does he have a pulse? None by palp, corotid or femoral Doctor... "Clear!".

"Call me Bob" Rae Supporters - interesting - and far more detailed policy at first blush... web

And the "Iggymeister" has been cleared of campaign irregularities. Policy - and website don't make me feel as comfortable as the others... all should tone down the "screaming red" and what's with Iggy the red & black?

"Call me Bob" Rae or "Canada" Dryden for me thanks... not sure I'll vote for either in the big show. This here show does seem pretty important tho'.

Victor K.


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posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 06:43 PM
Iggy has the early Super-Weekend lead. CBC. Poor 'ol "Canada" Dryden 6% early on. If one adds-up the "Anybody-But-Iggy" vote... it could spell a Rae win... on second ballot.

English Canada may not choose to select Dion owing to his English language skills, and he does not have the "Little-Guy From Shawinigan" cache of the fighter like Cretien, nor the panache of a Trudeau. I consider him one of the few libs that I don't associate with the previous regime... seems the diplomatic type - I like that.

I maybe-sorta see a Dion-Rae alliance as more possible than an Iggy-any-one-else alliance - who would "Canada" Dryden's 6% go to... that may be the fulcrum on which the whole complicated selection matter may finally come to rest upon.

Did you know that the delegate fee is $1000 CDN... how many delegates... Gotta have coin to be part of that party's inclusion list... once all the delegates are selected then it really gets complicated...

Fun? You bet!

Victor K.


At the close of Saturday' biz:

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 04:54 PM
It doesn't look like Ignatieff is going to get the magic number, 35%, on the first ballot.

Volpe's 4.5% will go to Rae, because he hates Ignatieff. Dryden and Brison have 10% between them and I don't know who they would go to. I wonder if Dion and/or Kennedy will drop out now? If they don't, this thing is could be going to a third ballot.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 09:14 PM
Yes, more than one ballot seems a surity for the Dec 2nd convention and the numbers are firming up... heard lotsa good about Dion today. Heard from a cohort and a former roomy of Bob and Iggy... Bob always was a little more prolitarian and not so "Iggy-fied" or as was said on national radio - insane and shoots from the lip... anyway now the serious horse-tradin' (sounds-like) begins... at the end of Sunday Biz':

Victor K.


posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 10:14 AM
Results continue to dribble in and there is some concern "that someone(s) attached a snowblower to their wallet" to manufacture delegates or buy them at the first ballot level. the website banner at is disturbing "Al Gore and Bill Graham"... cue the twilight zone music.

If one assesses each delegate at the $1K CDN level, one can see how things are going... did you know Graham and Manley are SPP proponents? So's Harper.

Here's a Tues. morning slice of data:

I like Mercer (not as much as back in the day on 22 but he's there, eh) and his take on the Lib race on his blog is... well, I found it humourous and beyond that quite likely accurate. Those interested may wish to read it here the "Smartest Guy In The Room" piece...

Victor K.


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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 10:12 PM
I love Rick Mercer. It doesn't matter which TV show he's on, I'll still watch.

The entry right after it, Bring Out Your Dead is also pure genius.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have on your deathbed knowing that while death may bring an end to many of life’s pleasures, you will still be involved in the advancement of democracy and Liberal ideals in Canada.

Many Canadians are doing just that right now. Michael Ignatieff has a number of deceased Canadians working for him on his campaign. They may be dead but they can still get Iggy with it! In fact World War I flying ace Billy Bishop has recently taken out a party membership and has officially endorsed Ignatieff and the courageous positions he has taken on the use of force during the interrogation of prisoners.

But while Billy Bishop’s arrival back on the scene is certain to bring some excitement to this campaign it is Joe Volpe who should be commended for pioneering this exciting new way to support the Liberal party. As Joe has said so eloquently in the past, for the Liberal party to succeed in the 21st century we must embrace not only hardworking new Canadians but non-working dead Canadians as well.

Read the whole thing, it's hilarious!

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 10:23 PM
Ignatiff is the only politician that is dangerous to the Tories. Bob Rae?
I'm living in Ontario and they hate his guts, as much as Maritimers hate Mulroney. Rae gets the nod and you've got a Tory MAJORITY. Bet on it.

Then "higher power" help us all.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 11:32 AM
"Call Me Bob" is in trouble in BC. Seems his BC Chair (an individual named Loh) has some "troubles" with forms and signatures and who you can and can't sign up -"Volpe-light", without the "dead-human-participating" part. Click, Loh is gone.

Rae's at about 30% Lib support in BC (leading) how will this go over? Will "Iggy's" machine be able to "kick-it-up-a-notch"? Or could they be covertly behind this "trouble" of "anticipatory-hypotheticals" and potential Schadenfreude? Thank you Rick Mercer! You must read the Connie "Che" Black piece on his blog. LOL... TDMC - warning go to the lavatory and void before reading! Kleenex to sop up the tears of laughter!

And what will be the BS/GK alliance reaction? See-ya Bob? Hello Dion? The TO debate will be the most vicious same-party-fratricide-pseudo-left-poiltical cage match ever... and that's just the warm-up for "The Big Show" - Dec 2nd. Toronto Star news article

Victor K.


Iggy took Quebec by 10 delegates ahead of Dion... check the Star or Goog-it. No actually he took Montreal and and most of Quebec city. Dion owns the rest.

Funny pic from Iggy's site: "Oops, server error" LOL..

Victor K.


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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 11:05 AM
Ignatieff seems to be able to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. This unique communications skill has cost him some support and at a crucial time... from an influential member who will undoubtedly take votes with her just before the Toronto debates. Oops, can you say "Server Error". LOL.

Seems that Iggy can have things both ways in his incredibly sophisticated "world-view"... can't see the forest cuz of all those silly trees and them pesky Canadian commie-pinko journalists and their infurnal questions.

He just "blew-away" the "Little-Knesset" factions in TO and Montreal and these folks have serious "pull". Serves him right for trying to be on both sides of an issue at once and thinkin' we're stupid enough to buy it. Mikey-baby, this is not the states - our coffee has grunt and Canucks drink it. Expect more on this.

Here's a CBC link:

Rae's/Dion's chances just went up immeasurably... Iggy might be lucky to wind up teaching at Ryerson...

Victor K.


posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 11:57 AM

What an idiot. Maybe he should keep a little book in which he tracks his position on things. Just so he doesn't get confused on where he stands.

He's gone from 'I don't lose any sleep over Israeli attacks on Qana' to 'The Israeli attacks on Qana were war crimes'. Huh?

Say goodbye to all your good press from Canwest Global, Michael.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by intrepid
Ignatiff is the only politician that is dangerous to the Tories. Bob Rae?
I'm living in Ontario and they hate his guts, as much as Maritimers hate Mulroney. Rae gets the nod and you've got a Tory MAJORITY. Bet on it.

Then "higher power" help us all.

Thats 2 cents well spent!

Yeah Mulrooney doesn't exactly have his own support group here in the Maritimes.

Looking towards the next election, does anyone really see a positive outcome? I can see scenarios that are more ideal than others, but in the end we are still not satisfied.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 01:15 PM
I don't think there is a possible positive outcome. I don't feel comfortable with any of the parties having a majority government. I'm hoping for another minority. Nothing gets done very fast, but on the other hand, nothing gets screwed up beyond repair.

My least worst-case scenario is this: A minority Conservative government that has to join forces with the NDP and not the Bloc.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 05:25 PM
Iggy's ignominious ignorant remarks have given 41's bud "Steve-o" a chance to get both of his 10 1/2 Bruno Mali's in his mouth too ignoring the outcome... I love Canadian politics! CBC is runnin' with it... "the anti-Israeli position of most of the Liberal leadership candidates", oh that's rich... do a search for "Little Knesset"... mostly Liberal, but not exclusively.

The prime Minister's insensitive remarks will be sure to have some repercussions... a calculated remark? Seems counter-productive and fails to register a "hit" on Czar-Mikey's "battleship" beyond what other Libs are about to do to his Americanized-butt. The leadership debate in TO will be a blood-letting unprecedented in Canadian history... the long knives are no longer scabbard-bound.

Here's a CBC link.

Victor K.


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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 10:51 PM
It's about time things got less boring in the Liberal leadership race.

At this point, I think Dion might be the best choice for the party. My reasoning goes like this:

Ignatieff - way to easy for the Conservatives to attack. Electing Ignatieff negates the Liberal's favourite election ploy - namely, the Conservatives want to turn us into the US. Not to mention all the speeches he has given that would lead someone to believe he is American, not Canadian. Lots of ammo to use against him in a national campaign.

Rae - the more I listen to Rae, the more I actually kind of like the fellow. I'm from BC though, and our votes don't get you in power. Rae may be completely unelectable in Ontario, and that's not good if you want to form a government or an effective opposition.

Kennedy - I'm sorry, I still haven't figured out who this guy is and why he should be leader. He is a complete unknown outside of Ontario.

Dryden - sweet, but not exactly PM material. Can barely speak French. Although the thought of him jerseying someone during Question Period is appealing.

Dion - not really associated with the previous powers in the Liberal Party. He's from Quebec (always a plus), he's experienced and his name is recognized across Canada. He also has a good range of supporters from the entire spectrum of the Liberal party.

This should be Dion's new slogan - Vote for the least-worst candidate. Vote Dion!

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