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The Best Orb Photo Ever?

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posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by straterx
You BoneHeads wanna see an Orb ?
I guess people are to lazy to go through a site on their own so heres a direct link

that's a great video. i have about thirty pictures taken over the last ten years with orbs in them. all on 35mm.
and that's mister bonehead to you.

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 12:00 PM
From that blue line I see a hole or knot in the tree and that white spot would be the light filtering through the tree tops on to the trunk and that "outline" isn't really there.. I mean your looking at heavy brush.. lots of trees. Its the equivilent of connect the dots to make any shape you want

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 12:00 PM
ImAlreadyPsycho, I saw the 'man in a tie' when you first posted it as your avatar! I wanted to get clarification so I sent you a U2U. You simply confirmed my observation! By the way, it's a great shot.

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 12:07 PM
Yeah It does look like a man with a suit & tie...Even the collar is visible. Strange. It's either a ghost or just a lucky (read coincidental) photo.

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 12:16 PM
I think you fail to see the whole picture. I see a business suit figure there too, but a ghost?

Here are some outlines to consider

Circled in blue are common artifacts. Circled in green are the natural sloping shadows. One that creates an illusion there are shoulders of this "figure". The green verticle line shows the tree's path

I would like to think this was a ghost, but this "figure" only appears in the shadows and features of this picture. I don't see any one feature(s) that is abnormal creating an illusion


[Edited on 6-11-2003 by MrRadicalEd]

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by MrRadicalEd
I would like to think this was a ghost, but this "figure" only appears in the shadows and features of this picture. I don't see any one feature(s) that is abnormal creating an illusion

Originally posted by ImAlreadyPsycho
As with all "paranormal photos", it is all in the eye of the beer holder, er I mean beholder.

These are classic arguements between skeptics and believers.

While I do want to hear all opinions, and gratiously accept all of them, the one thing that sticks out is that I, not all that I get opinions from, live in this house on this land, and have seen this all first hand.

I do want to thank you though MrRadicalEd, for your comments as well as all others that have commented.

And Bangin, yes I remember you asking me in a U2U. Thanks again for the comments. I love hearing from all.

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 01:59 PM
“Hey Telequa, about those merkaba vehicles on your pictures. Did you see them as they appeared on the pictures??? ‘

Good question. At times I do see them and at other times I can ‘feel’ them present. Also, when I feel them and I am taking a photo of the area. For just a split second I and those around me can see them.

Although I can only speculate on what is truly happening at the Vortex and what the photos really are... I’ll do my best to explain my theories.

First the word Merkaba, comes from ancient Egyptian texts, is made up of three smaller words — Mer, Ka, and Ba, it is also spelled as, Merkabah, Merkava, and Merkavah.
Mer = a specific kind of light
Ka = individual’s idea of his/her reality.
Ba= the body or physical reality. In other realities where energies don’t have bodies, Ba, I think can be their ideas of reality.

The study of the Kabbalah and information from the Keys of Enoch speaks of the Merkaba as a vehicle used for inter-dimensional travel, a vehicle that can take spirit and body from one world, or dimension into another. In Hebrew the Merkaba means chariot which is something that transports you somewhere.

You know the old phase; just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Well, what if (and I believe these photos confirm this idea) there are other realities, or dimensions of reality, that exist simultaneously in time and space with this one.

Note; Inter-dimensional travel involves counter-rotating energy fields also called a ‘Vortex’.

Now given that the ability to move between dimensions is true, it can also explain how beings are able to disappear at will just by tuning into, and then out of our dimensional reality.

The photos in question helps to confirm the above as I have a series of photos (Sargel18’s video of a being contacting him with a vortex right behind it is the perfect example of this) were the “beings” and their Merkaba begin to fade into this reality become solid and then fade out.

You can also see (On sargel18’s website, other researchers section) in one single photo, where some Merkaba are in different stages of entering this world.

Putting this all together, I believe that these beings use a form of mental or spiritual energy (Orgone?) that allows them to travel into our dimension. And that our/their reality/dimension of their/our reality, exist simultaneously in time and space.

One theory I am now exploring is the concept of “creating this form of travel” via technology. This would allow ‘anyone’ to create an energy field (vehicle) around themselves for travel into other dimensions.

Let’s also say that this form of travel was ‘stolen” or recreated (Dark Matter Energy?) but the awareness (some call it love energy or compassion energy) has not been included in the ‘math’.

Could this be why people have stated that they have met positive and or negative energies?

But, enough said as this opens up a whole new area of discussion about angels, demons, fairies, mythological beings, etc.

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 02:14 PM
I reviewed your site.
The photos are not coming out clear on my computer..
They look unfocused to me. Maybe this is due to your enlarging them for viewing.. so I can not say anything about them.

sorry I couldnt be of more help. If you have any other photos you want me to view please let me know.

Oh.. I know you didnt ask me about this .. but since it just happened.. I'll inform you of my findings.

Pertaining to the "ghost energy".. I didnt get any sense of anything wrong in your home. Again I can be wrong but I just wanted you to know this..

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 02:18 PM

I just thought of something.. even though the photo isnt clear.. I took alook at your outline..

question for you.. could the photo be a picture of the 'life force' energy of the tree... some call them, tree fairies?

Just something to think about..

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 02:43 PM
This could very well be the case. I am not too sure exactly what all goes on on my property as far as "paranormal" concerns go. I do have a few resident spirits and from what one tells me, I often have what she called "walk-ins", basically just passers by.

She has made reference to "others" before, but she never went into detail other than to say that there are human and non human energies there.

To all, please don't be calling the sanitorium on me.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 07:00 PM
It's a freaking circle, I don't see anything so extraordinary about these damn orb pictures I keep seeing.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 07:18 PM
Catch a weekend flight to Wanaque, visit the vortex. Take pictures and post them...

If you got the time...

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 04:24 AM
I haven't studied a lot on orbs but are they actually alien life or merely camera flaws caught from light? They don't appear to be more than that really, however, thats just my opinion about it. And why are they only caught on film? has it only been since the invention of cameras that these things appeared, and if so, is it likely that these things are just film lighting 'mistakes'?

posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by Sapphire
I haven't studied a lot on orbs but are they actually alien life or merely camera flaws caught from light?

Perhaps both.

Originally posted by Sapphire
And why are they only caught on film?

What other device could 'catch' them?

Originally posted by Sapphire
has it only been since the invention of cameras that these things appeared, and if so, is it likely that these things are just film lighting 'mistakes'?

Orbs have been seen with the naked eye. I know several people that claim to have seen an orb at some point or another. Orbs in (digital) pictures are quite often the result of particles in the air...This is typical of digital cameras. Orbs recorded in infrared, and seen with the naked eye, aren't so easily explained away.

posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 08:34 AM
Sort of off topic, but related to this thread:
in which Telequa sends a litigious request to Monk asking that he remove the pics that her "parnter" Sargel18 has copyrights on.
I was browsing this thread:
which described the above mentioned Sargel18's website. On his site what do I see but an image displayed that is obviously copyrighted by another source. My question to you Telequa (since you obviously speak for Sargel18) is this, Did you obtain permission to use/modify/display this pic on your/his website?
The photo in question is this:
Please remove this photo from your page.
I have contacted Cambrix
Publishing, Inc on behalf of Mr. Connolly.
Cambrix Publishing, Inc., 6269 Variel Avenue, Suite B, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 U.S.A
In the future, it would be nice of you to practice what you preach Sandra.

posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 06:44 PM

Even though my remark to Monk, was not litigious, let me thank you for sticking up for your friend.

In any case, I am not here to start a cat fight with anyone.

I enjoy this site as do many and I think we can find other matters to attend to and discuss given the state our world is in today.

Oh yes,
let me calm your worries.. its fine

Take care and no hard feeling

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