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Narita airport - what can we take on board ?

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posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 07:56 AM
I am trying to find information on what is allowed on board as carry on when flying out of Japan to Australia and aren't coming up with much.

As a last resort I will call the airline however calling anywhere for anything in Japan usually proves fruitless because hardly anyone understands what U want or are saying (they usually just pretend to and I wind up with incorrect info

So short of me having to go through that nightmare if anyone is able to find something for me I would be very appreciative

I fly out in 2 weeks and am hoping to be able to take my laptop on board or at the very least, a book and puzzle book to keep me occupied.

I have to know what I can or can't take because I will be going alone and it's a 2 hr drive from where I live to the airport in Tokyo. So I can't risk having to leave anything behind.

Worst case scenario, if I can't take the laptop on I plan to down a few capfuls of Nyquil prior to check in

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