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What was the first language?

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 11:35 PM
i think the thread starter was looking for the oldest language that we can read/write and speak that we still know...

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 12:07 AM
**CasualOne** on page 3: was the first to get it right! Congrats!!!

**Advisor** was the second on page 4:

Originally posted by ADVISOR
But the first language was the one before Babelon fell, where the people have since been scattered and spoke in different tongues.

That is theologicially speaking of course, as the source is a religious document. How ever what that language had been, was the single language all human spoke then.

**Noe~Lot** on page 11: in my opinion gives a clearer understanding of the working's of this
specific language.

Please allow me to take this discussion to a different level -

The bible is a history reference book in my opinion.
Cross referencing biblical scriptures with actual ancient history tell us that at one time
(as mentioned by 'Advisor') the biblical God "DID" indeed scatter the nations whom at that
time did spake one global singular language.

Genesis and Revelation are ONE book that tells of the Alpha and Omega.
It is a historical account of the 'survivors' of a world wide cataclysm..
..of what "HAS" happened - and - what "IS" to happen again.

The global language that predates todays man is known as "SOLEX~MAL"

Solex - Mal is a language based around astrological equations.
It is a symbolic pictographic language and it is my personal belief that
all languages of today have their roots in this language.

It is also my belief that many biblical scriptures are written around this mystical
forgotten langauge.

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