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Bible Code Documentaries

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 11:27 PM
For those of u interested, there are some links below that lead to two documentaries about the Bible Codes, they are a bit old but there is a lot of good information there, from critics and believers.

Doc Part 1:

Doc Part 2:

Alot more evidence has been found since these documentaries in support of the bible codes, whilst at the same time skeptics are stumped.

It does still takes a leap of faith, at this time to believe they are real, but the evidence is getting stronger all the time, especially about current events. And some ELS's that have been found have staggering odds that they are there by random chance.

Check out the odds on this ELS cluster i dont know even how to say that number!!

Well what do you guys think are they real?????????

I'll be happy to answer any questions or debate any topic - just please if you dont believe dont just say that give an explanation for your reasoning.

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