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Police state, only way to be safe

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 02:55 AM
Well I guess it all just comes down to a matter of Interpretation & Perspective (just like the Bible eerily enough). In 1932 Governor/Senator Huey Long was once famously quoted as saying "Fascism will come to America, but likely under another name, perhaps Anti-Fascism." i.e. Anti-("Islamo")Fascism or
Anti-Terrorism. Now don't get me wrong - the Radical Islamists do indeed disgust me & I have no Sympathy for their extremist cause. However I also realize that things tend to swing in two directions. If you give these over Opportunistic Politicians & a "Power Mad" Government the chance they will turn into a Fascist Government while saying: "Hey look - we are taking actions to Protect you from Terrorism". In Reality this is just another form of Terrorism, Fear-Mongering & Control. This is the very Antithesis of the ideals of "Freedom & Liberty" that the U.S. was founded on & the Rhetoric that President Bush loves to spout. This is what I believe is actually going on at this point. I just hope that it is not too late to stop it
Government Power needs the be "Checked" by the People.

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 09:03 PM
Yikes, You really put that much faith and trust in the government?

posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 04:44 PM
Dear elitegamer23.
If a 911 happens every 50 years or so it's not a problem, planes crash any way and people die by accidents.
There are other priorities like aids, cancer that are real problems, they alone kill in a single year in united states much more then a 911 event would.
Street gangs kill more than 911 would.
Diabetis kills more than terrorist acts also there you go.
Car accidents related kill more than terrorism acts also.
Everything is a killer so let's stop driving cars.
No one fixed those did they, and I must say they are much biger in proportion and take more lives than any terrorist act in united states.
So if priority number 1 is safety? how come people keep on dieing.
And all the sudden a terrorist act happens, it kills some people and then it becomes the main agenda like other factors are so small when in reallity there are other biger things out there to be solved.
Any one it's in right mind would see those things.
Does the budget go in to health or in to safety, education? no it go's in to weapons.

I say, if so many people are dieing from aids let's stop having sex.
If too many people are dieing from car accidents then let's stop dirving.
There is no logic in to this, same for terrorism, it does not produce a logic, because it's all a setup, when you look at all other things terrorism is a pussy cat.

" I'm not refering now to some one in particular here, just an example.
Ask for safety, keep soldiers on the street with sub machine guns at all time, have martial law, and then in the irony of all things die in a car accident(protected) because there is a much biger chance of that happening than a plane with terrorists on board crashing in your living room."
Paranoia will never produce logic, I would wach first of all if I were you what I eat, who I have sex with, or how I cross the street, than worry about terrorism, it's the least thing it should concern you because the chances are that if something bad were to happen to you before you get old it would be for other reasons than terrorism.
The chances are about 99% to 1% in favor of other reasons against terrorism.

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