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Place back in 2000

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 05:40 PM
I was laying there in my bed on ***** AFB in 1999/2000. As I was slipping into my slumber I found my self "flying" through black space. Its not as if I was flapping my wings, Im not even sure how I looked however my body was faded in color..I was dimming/see through. As I was moving past the planets as it dawned on me that if this is really happening to me then im moving way to fast to be awake...then before i know it I was coming up on jupiter(I think it was that planet, big with alot on moons.). As I was passing this planet I felt this pull on me, tuged to me to stop. As soon as this started I found my self walking, walking up to an edge of a rocky type slop. This slop spot that looked down on some sort of city which was glowing a white-bluish color. More colors shined through however those two where the most noticable.As i looked over this city i seen i wasnt alone and looked over to find 5 or 6 others with me looking over the slop with me. Im not to sure who these others were. they didnt "feel wierd" to me. its as if we all knew what we were doing there but had know idea why or how it would all play out. We didnt talk, just alot of looking.

And another:

I found my self one time standing out side of this big, I mean big white-bight wall. I say wall because if you look at it you will see there was no end to either side of this bluiding. There was something different about all of this, There was other poeple there talking to one another.[(you see this is where I thought I wasnt "ready" to see or be apart of it.) But I did make it there. ]I remember standing there watching everyone and looking around at the big pillars that were everywhere. As I turned, this big door opens to the right of me, Every one begins to go into this big room. So I began to follow the people around me. I made it into this room about 15 feet before I had someone, a younger looking man( which is in my dreams/flashes and even seen in ...I know him however he knows me better then I know him.) softy graps me by the elbow and starts to explane what is going on and why I wasnt ment to be there. I walked out and it was like as soon as my foot went though the door I woke up.
The room I was in had a very large table in it. Like a circle with only a little section taken out. Not a horse shoe, there was more table then that. this bluiding and the room was alot like the city I was looking down on in that other dream.

I have some questions about things that have been shown to me:
What/where is this city light(huge and glass like, bluish in color) and sits in a big bowl-like hole? I have read and heard alot of you say/have an idea of thngs like this. I have had alot of things happen like these two.(started when i was young) Everytime I start to think about my "trips" my toe hurts ( yea wierd i know) and i get a deep feeling (almost like i cant wait anymore)with in my chest.
People talking about other places like the moon and "far place" type thing. Any ideas, thoughts, belittling what have you.

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 05:42 PM
Sounds like astral travel into another dimension.
Im going to say, you are having very vivid OBE's and might even travel to other dimensions or planets.

But it doesn't sound like an alien abduction.

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 05:57 PM
Don't know much about OOBEs myself, but if that IS what you are experiencing, your thread is better suited to the Paranormal forum.
You may want to skim through this thread. It is 48 pages long, so I assume you won't be wanting to read the whole thing

If you feel you are having an OOBE rather than dealing with aliens, let me know either here
or in a u2u. I can move this thread to the Paranormal.

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 07:30 PM
You are lucky to have these experiences! i want too!

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