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The coming of a Global Dictatorship

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posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 12:46 PM
OK FOLKS: here is a cool article i got while researchin in the web about global tyranny, global dictatorship and one world government here is a cool article by David Icken (enjoy and tell me what u think about it)


by David Icke.

Control of the world over a very long period has been achieved by the means I have already outlined: mind manipulation, manufactured division, and most important of all, fear. This is the emotion that has handed control of our lives to the manipulating clique which I call the Global Elite.

Once you can make people fearful they will look to someone to protect them from whatever they have been conditioned to fear. This is why history, and the world today, is full of hyped up ìmonstersî and ìdangerous peopleî - a focus of fear from which we must look to our ìleadersî to save us. The fact that these ìmonstersî and our ìleadersî are both appointed and controlled by the same force is kept from us. We are programmed to see two ìsidesî, largely projected as ìgood and evilî, when there are not two sides, but one. In . . . and the truth shall set you free, I highlight hundreds of people, events and organisations, who in the public arena appear to be in opposition, but in truth are connected to the same Global Elite. Among these connections, for example, are those between George Bush and Saddam Hussein, the ìopponentsî in the Gulf War of 1991. The manufactured Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union was another classic of this kind. Both populations were so filled with fear of each other that they gave still more power to their ìleadersî and accepted grotesque weapons expenditure in the misguided belief that they must be protected from the ìenemyî. The make-believe, propaganda-created, enemy, as it turns out. Both sides, including Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and other Soviet and American leaders were controlled by the same people. They were the same side.

All the major institutions and groups that affect our daily lives connect with the Global Elite, which decides the coordinated policy throughout the pyramid. People in the lower compartments will have no idea what they are part of.

The Global Elite, the few who decide the direction of the world and humanity, sit atop a pyramid of manipulation Almost every organisation today is structured as a pyramid. At the peak you have the tiny elite who know everything about the organisation. They know its real agenda and what it really wants to achieve. As you come down from the peak, you are meeting more and more people who know less and less about that agenda. This is called cornpartmentalisation. Those at the top ensure that everyone lower down in the pyramid know only their own individual contribution to the organisation, company, secret society whatever. As a result most of them think their work is quite innocent because they are not allowed to know how their work fits in with the others in the pyramid to create a pattern that is anything but innocent. Only the elite at the top know how these individual contributions fit together and in this way you have people throughout the pyramid working in ignorance of what they are really a part of. The Freemasons and other secret societies are an obvious example of this method with their levels of initiation. Each level has no idea of the knowledge held in the levels above them. The vast majority of freemasons never progress higher than the third degree, but there are another 30 official levels above that in the so called Scottish Rite and then another 13 unofficial levels, known as Illuminati levels, which are not even acknowledged to exist. The majority of freemasons, down there on the bottom three levels, are oblivious to what that organisation is really there to do. They are a manipulated, largely unknowing smoke‚screen for the few who control the secret society. When the freemasonic network is named as a tool of the conspiracy, people think you are saying that every freemason is seeking to take over the world. Thatís simply not true. Itís just ridiculous. Secret societies, like almost everything, consist of the leaders (the few) and the led (the rest).

So it is with the global pyramid within which you find all the organisations that control our lives - the banking system, political system, multinational corporation network, the media, ìeducationî, intelligence agencies, military and so on. The peaks of their individual pyramids all fuse together into the peak of the global pyramid, controlled by the ridiculously few people I have called the Global Elite. From that peak, the same policy, methods and aims filter down through all these, apparently unconnected, aspects of society. At this Elite level all the banks, political parties, newspapers and broadcast media, intelligence agencies, multinational companies, and secret societies, are owned or controlled by the SAME people. This is so important to grasp. The myth of choice is there to fool us into believing we are free. Look at how many companies the multinational corporations own. These ìcompaniesî each have a different trade name and appear at first glance to be independent of their ìcompetitorsî, but they are owned by the same people. Two of the biggest electronics retailers in the UK, Dixons and Currys, are owned by the same group and yet on the high street they appear to be in competition. It is the same with the UKís two leading roadside restaurants, Little Chef and Happy Eater. The examples of this all over the world are endless. The global food chain is overwhelmingly controlled by three multinational corporations operating through scores of different trade names string-pulled from the centre. Choice? What a joke. Something like 99% of those working within these organisations have no comprehension of how they are being used. The people who sit behind the counter in a bank wonít be aware of what is going on in their own managerís office, let alone what is discussed at board level or above that by the Global Elite. Theyíre just pawns in someone elseís game. They keep their heads down, close their minds, and do as they are told -just like the human race as a whole. This submission to anotherís view and the suppression of our own individuality allows the Global Elite to set the limits of the Hassle-Free Zones by filtering down the same policy and attitudes throughout the pyramid. They do this through a network of organisations which include the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States, the Trilateral Commission (US-Europe-Japan), and the most influential of them, the Bilderberg Group. There are many other offshoots of this network, like the Parlour Club, the Club of the Isles and the Pinay Circle or ìLe Cercieî which works to remove political leaders deemed unacceptable to the Elite. These private organisations have in their membership the top people in politics, business, banking, the military, the media, the ëlegalí profession, education, etc., who then pervade the pyramid with a single overall plan which has led to greater centralisation of power every year. All these institutions which control the direction of our lives are themselves controlled at the peak of the pyramid by the same people. You can read about this network in great detail in . . . and the truth shall set you free.

I was invited in 1995 to the memorial service for a great British comedian, Larry Grayson, and there a story was told which encapsulated our plight and the means of escape. During this celebration of Larryís life, one of his experiences was told to the assembled throng by another comedian, Roy Hudd. It was a story from the days when Larry used to travel the variety halls of the UK and on this occasion he was part of an all-male show which had one ìwomanî taking part - a dressed up Larry Grayson. The producer was very patriotic, Larry had once recalled, and the showís big finish was a rendition of the song, Rule Britannia. The rest of the cast came on wearing sailors uniforms and they climbed on each others shoulders to form a human pyramid on the stage. At this point, on walked Larry dressed as Britannia with the long gown, the helmet, shield and sword, and he was manhandled up the pyramid to the top for the finale of the show. One night, he said, things seemed to be going rather well. But then he noticed that the sailor in the bottom left hand corner of the pyramid had got rather a cough.
ìAnd as any ancient Egyptian will tell youî Larry had observed ìThat is a very important part of the pyramid!î
Anyway, this sailorís cough became progressively worse until he had to step out of the pyramid. And what happened? The whole structure collapsed with sailors going in all directions. Larry Graysonís shield went one way, his sword another, and he finished up in someoneís lap in the second row. What had caused the pyramid to disintegrate? Not Larry Grayson at the top (symbolic of the Global Elite), but one sailor at the bottom (symbolic of the ìordinaryî man and woman in the street). The real power in a pyramid is at the bottom, not the top, but the human race has been conditioned to believe the opposite. This is why it has been so important to divide and rule ìthe massesî into dogmas and factions - the Elite know that is where the real power lies and they seek to diffuse that power by turning ìthe massesî against each other. Humanity gives its power away to those who are only up there because humanity holds them up there! The power used by the Elite to control humanity is merely the power which humanity hands over to them every day. Letís hear that one more time:

The Global Elite are only up there because the rest of humanity holds them up there. The power used by the Elite to control humanity is merely the power which humanity hands over to them every day.

Hey, wake me up. This has got to be some crazy nightmare Iím involved in here.
Itís not?
But we wouldnít be that stupid would we?
We would?
We would?
Iím sorry, would you excuse me for a moment? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
Thank you.

Every Hassle-Free Zone is a pyramid with religious, political and economic dictators sitting at the peak imposing their will on the rest. They can only achieve that if those lower down the pyramid agree to do, unquestioningly, whatever the peak tells them, and believe, unquestioningly, whatever propaganda the peak sends down to condition their thinking and perceptions of life, themselves, and others. It is actually possible in the world our minds have created to go through an entire lifetime without having a single original thought. There the prisoners stand in their Larry Grayson pyramid, their fellow prisoners on their shoulders, each telling the other not to move or the whole thing will fall apart. There they stand with aching shoulders and silent minds, terrified of walking away from this pyramidic prison. They fear to let go of their (perceived) ìsecurityî or to face the ridicule or hostility of those still mesmerised by the lights of the oncoming car. Security? I beg oneís pardon. Living in jail is security? Having your life controlled and your future dictated is security? What delusions we weave. Anything based on fear and the suppression of human potential is never secure. Anything that must be enforced is never secure. Only freedom for all and by all is secure and can survive.

The extent to which billions of people have given their minds away makes the control of the world so simple. We might become robots? We are bloody robots! Itís no good denying that, because if we do we will do nothing about it. The childlike way in which we think what we are told to think never ceases to take my breath away. For 48 hours after the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, it was a nightmare to be an Arab in the United States. Why? Because the government (elements of which planted the bomb as we shall eventually realise) announced that there might be a Middle East connection. Arabs in America, and even those who only looked like Arabs, were harangued in the Street ifl the wake of this announcement. Two days or so later the same government said there was not a Middle East connection1 and suddenly it was OK to be an Arab again. Those who responded like this were ìadultsî acting like babes in arms, puppets on the strings of official pronouncements, and fodder for the Global Elite.

There is no limit to the examples every day of people playing the robot. When I started to reveal the background to the global conspiracy and name the names and organisations involved, the campaign to discredit me began. I was dubbed ìanti-Jewishî and a ìneo-Naziî. Now that was no surprise because everyone who gets close to the truth of who really controls the world is attacked in the same way. The Global Elite has two main defence responses - assassinating those who are lifting the veil or assassinating their character by branding them anti-Jewish and Nazi. What followed in the campaign to discredit me was the final confirmation that large tracts of the human race no longer have access to their own minds. The people behind these attacks on me were two ìjournalistsî in London called Matthew Kalman and John Murray. There were people encouraging them too, I am sure, but they have been the public face of the campaign. They wrote an astonishing article full of untruths in their own little known magazine and then, by their own admission, they began to hawk this ìstoryî around the mainstream media. Some newspapers refused to print it, but others like The Guardian and The New Statesman ran this nonsense. More then followed. Over a period of a year, virtually every magazine article making these accusations was written by Matthew Kalman and John Murray and almost every newspaper article was based on ìinformationî supplied by Matthew Kalman and John Murray. A magazine called New Moon ran a stunning misrepresentation of my book, .. . and the truth shall set you free. I was called a Nazi and the front page consisted of a picture of me changed to resemble Adolf Hitler. The article was written by Matthew Kalman and John Murray and the magazine was edited by.. .Matthew Kalman. The New Age magazine, Kindred Spirit, also ran a long letter calling me a Nazi and anti-Jewish. The letter writer was.. . Matthew Kalman.
So the claims of me being an anti-Jewish Nazi were, overwhelmingly, put into the public arena by two people. Two people. But given the current state of human consciousness, thatís all it takes to mind-control millions. Amazing, but true. In fact you donít even need two people, one is enough. Suddenly people who had believed I was ìmadî because of what the media had told them about my spiritual views were now convinced that I was ìbadî because they were reading in newspapers and magazines (the work of two people) that I was a Nazi. Those who by their own admission had not read my books or heard me speak, began to protest at my public meetings on the strength of what they had read in the media (two people) or what their friends had told them after also reading it in the media (two people). The events at Brighton on the South Coast of England summed up the point I am making. The local Robot Radicals believed the untruths fed to them by Kalman and Murray and they put so much pressure on Brighton University that the authorities gave in to threats from a mob and cancelled my meeting at very short notice.
I booked a hotel in Brighton for the rescheduled talk. It was called The Brighton Oak. They accepted the booking and things seemed to be going OK. Then they suddenly cancelled the booking because of my ìfar-Rightî views. Oh yes?

Had the people at the hotel who made that decision read my books or heard me speak?
Er, no.
Then where did they get their information from about what I was supposed to be saying?
The Anti-Nazi League.
And where did they get their information from?
Kalman and Murray.

We tried at Crawley, just north of Brighton at a theatre owned by Crawley Borough Council. Forty-eight hours before the event we heard via the media, not the Council, that the meeting was cancelled. This time the Council did know what I was going to say because they had seen a video. After viewing that recording they wrote to confirm the meeting could go ahead. So why the cancellation? They had been threatened by a phone call from the Robot Radicals in Brighton which said that ìthe safety of the audience could not be guaranteedî. This from a group of people who call themselves ìanti-fascistsî! Instead of standing up for freedom of speech and against such intimidation, the Council immediately succombed to the threat and stopped me speaking....


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